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I am gladly going to share with you today, on of the biggest secrets I have found in the Force.

Take some time to recline...

pour some coffee, or tea, or wine. 

And give me just a little of your time. There's a secret hidden in the Force.


Truly, it's actually in life...of manifestation.  Where and how you seek, may be the flavor of manifestation that presents itself, that is received or is present. 

Let me explain, by example. Many real life temples have real life people. Someone has to push a broom, someone has to fix the cars, someone has to build, someone has to demolish. Someone has to pick things up and put them down again. In the Star Wars Saga, we find manifestations of the Force as pilots, in the trash, and as behemoths bridled by merely a bit. That's where it happens though, when the monk hears the tiles crack, when the boy steals the car (the Dalai Llama stole the car, took it for a joy ride). It's in the moments that the Force, in us, manifests itself. And we are able to reach out, take a long pause, and touch it. If you are anything like me, the flashes of blue and purple, and red, the cracks, the whips, the rain, the snow, the theatre, the score, the number 9....its a huge experience. It's made that way. It was purchased that way. What can't be purchased? Is that story, of that person, connecting....with the Force. 

In the Force, there is no need for specifics, because truly, we've all been there, and done that, and understand. Because we've been through something similar. Period. Not verbatim, but something similar....like in a story. 

Enter--the Hero's Journey. 

That part of the story where it changes, and the adventure begins. There's a 50/50 shot you have any control of that moment. But most of the time, it's during life. Which here, I mean, living out your sentence, working in the pit, as a slave, unknown, somewhere, just doing your thing. When one day it happens, and it will. Because it's happening . and will happen as it has happened, it will continue to happen. 

Don't be surprised if you find it at the end of a broom. Don't be surprised if you find the Force at work. Don't be surprised when you find the Force in the strangest and oddest of places. If you are looking, if you are seeking, you will find. It's gonna happen. because it always happens...it happened today, it will happen tomorrow, and it happened yesterday. 

Look, I don't and can't guarantee much in this life, but what I can guarantee, some of the best places the Force and I have made connections have been washing dishes, sweeping floors, and putting things away in my own home. 

Why is it important to acknowledge? Because the way I do it, and the way I recommend it...the more people get ice cream!

Those are the days when grace can flow, when forgiveness is abundant, and for those seeking that type of change, (pencils up, notebooks out) The more we connect to the Force. The better we are, the better we can be. If the better we can be, shouldn't it be directly toward the people we directly come into contact with? Those who directly benefit from our actions? 

Pencils down.

When the Force manifests itself, are we the only ones who know? 

Can we be like a fountain, and let it flow? I hear the way some of your write in your journals. We all share, that small part in us, one way or another. 


It is so important for a Jeddist to realize that YOU are the manifestation. 

So the secret in the Force is this....if you seek, you will find. Be ready. It's going to be right in front of you, it might be at the end of a broom. Join me in real life, outside the theatre experience, and believe that the Force is something that benefits everyone, not just me, not just you. We are the manifestation of modern day Jeddists. 

You are a part of the Force, I am a part of the Force, we are a part of the Force...if you think we're not connected, you aren't living in the real world. We are. Yeah, it's real. The whole thing. 


May the Force we seek, serve and share be with yall. Everywhere you seek it.