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At any given time, many things can happen. One of the many possibilities is that of hubris. Some associate ego and selfishness and pride to this type of idea as well, that's ok too. For me and my family, as we practice, we have moments of "equal marks." I'll explain. Checkers. As far as we play, everyone is fair game in checkers. Get brutal, have a blast, talk trash, make it a drinking game or a slow precise thing that could last hours... your choice- Battleship... same idea. Mario Kart – there's a game no matter who plays sometimes the computer wins more than us. Sometimes walking under trees puts me in my chosen place of equal mark; for me. You may get to some level or some degree of achievement but there's always that one move ya didn't count on or that one obstacle that just - got ya! ha, didn't see it coming. Yoda says "“Yes. Yes. A flaw more and more common among Jedi. Too sure of themselves they are. Even the older, more experienced ones." 


There will come a time it hits us and we may not even be suspecting it. That's kina how life is often, that's how the Force is - new every day with new choices and new ideas and fresh. It's even compared to a rivers flow often or water running. It's easy for Jedi to get a bit, what was the word Han used - cocky. There will be moments when we learn- and learn and learn and we realize we may be the only ones on this path right now. At times it can seem lonely. But we are not alone. 


Remembering, everyone has different levels and are in different moments in time and in their path, CAN help that dark side or hidden part of us that tends to get a bit … difficult to understand and explain. 

At any given time, LIFE can happen. 

There are some who in their own life and in their very own spiritualty have created so much worth passing, it would take lifetimes to share all the things some have to offer. Truth be toldit's hard not forget a few choice character traits or Codes or Koans we hold for the sake of holding a "right" sticker or fame. Its natural. Exaltation makes anything glow. 

Actually, having a balance helps the hubris. Theory is fine and dandy but where it works is in the hand shake or at the ear when it hears. Those are contact points. Making choices is what a Jedi does. That's why they were always involved, that was a part of their role in the saga. At any given time, anything can happen. there are moments my own hubris keeps me from learning. STILL to this day. It matters not to WHO - the dark or the hidden parts are always gunna be there till you work on emThat's real life. When this happens, I often miss things I totally could have used. I miss the gems or the treasures passed. All because of my own pride or my title or my rank or where I sit or what part I play or how much I give of my time or money... I'm still a student. I'm still a lover. I'm still a friend. I'm still a Jedi. When I go too far in my emotions or my thoughts and I notice I get a bit lost or turned around- cuz I still get pissed like a human, I just act differently now. My choice. Anyone can really.  


Jedi is smart. I still think we all need to hear it at times. Never at the expense of anything or at the disrespectful way but a small reminder of encouragementDon't get too salty. Ask your self - are you? Check yourself.  I find an equal mark somewhereAnyone can. Flying too high can result in the same problem Daedalus and his son had on a job site. Keep your sabers on your hip and your hands ready Jedi. We, for all we do and find and help, are still learning everyday as a modern-day Jedi, finding ways to give so much, remember we all get tired and angry and grouchy and upset too. We all have pride and we all have a hidden or dark side to us all. Don't be afraid but trying to understand make you a do-er. A real-life Jedi in the modern day. Don't get to a point where ya stop learning for ANY reason. As Pastor, don't lose the love for things. Don't let them wear out. Re new love for your faith and your practices and your family and your loved ones... don't forget - inherently we are all students of the Force. Don't stop the flow. don't stop learning. Keep an eye out for it, it's real and it happens to everyone, even Pastors and Yodas. 

Keep the flow going - keep giving keep getting keep giving keep getting - this we can almost all agree on in some way.  

May the Force continue to be with each of all of yall! 

Pastor Carlos