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May the Force find yall every where yall are at today. 

Define character. Can you do it easily? Is there a singular answer? Where can character come from? Here in the Temple, we are Modern day Jedi. Where does Jedi character come from? Is there such a thing? Who or what can be  worth our time of pursuit? Is screen worthy character or even character from a story or myth in competition with every day life character? 

Character pursuit was first introduced to me by some one I wasn't. I met some one I wanted to be like, off screen. In real life. Once I found this person, I spent every willing moment with them. Coffee at Mc Donalds and sandwich lunches or "spreads" and me and my Sunday schoolteacher talked about everything under the sun and even over it. Growing up wasn't easy for me and for most it isn't. Maturing... doubly difficult if you ask me. Reading Jiddu K. there's a saying he had in his opening of a book I read- we are spoon fed most of what we know in the beginning. It can be up to us to take it upon ourselves to find out a bit...more. For those who pursuit such things, follow me.

Our three Tennets are Focus Knowledge and Wisdom.

When looking for new character - first you must choose to be on that path. Seems easy enough but let me tell you today friends and Modern day Jedi- making the first decision to choose isnt easy. It rarely is. Some folk got it like that, I didn't. 

Every quest - every journey - every thing begins with a choice. 

1. Make the choice.

As a human and as a chosen Jeddi, we all have the privilege where and what we title "the Force." It can be the idea or/and the ebb and flow- the Way- or the practice- either for character, guidance or even lead. Some parts we may not be able explain, that's ok too! No one Force may be like the other. Simply put, the Force is the way we freely and actually choose to merit. By this, it can never be the same. Our beginning and creation can depend on a choice to seek that which can never be named and experienced fully. These are steps towards understanding.



Next - Find what your looking for. Select your role models. Locate your elders. Find the things your looking for. This step will be and can be on for the rest of our life's. 

Knowledge plays a HUGE role in character development and locating as well. 

Knowing which character is worthy for us is a very personal thing and really no one can tell another which to seek yet... knowing and asking and sharing and finding is such a huge part of things and character development.

Examine your self. Every chance you get, evaluate yourself as Humans and as Modern day Jedi. It is a gift and our right.

Doing it. Commit. Make a desison. What ever you decide, understand it worth seeking. 


Focus - make the choice

Knowledge - know, seek, find out what your looking for.              Share

Wisdom - knowing how to use what ya found and applying it


Our three Tennent's here are good for many things, one of them is helping find character you like, spiritual , mental, or even physical. The how or the where we find em... those are the personal stories we share.


Focus Knowledge Wisdom

May the Force we share contunue to be with yall.

Pastor Carlos