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Take time to find yourself along with us today. May the Force be with you wherever you are reading this. 




This word used to be my back hand and forward flop in life, still is at times. No one on this earth likes to be rejected, on any level. Some rejection can be from long ago or even most recently, regardless of time, rejection seems to be the push some of us get that leads us..."to the dark side" or that part of us unknown that can be a bit harmful to our paths. For me and for others like me, human I mean, rejection can leave us feeling, well I'll say it, worthless.  

Every day, we as humans feel rejection in one shape or form, yet it's not really talked about. Its personally hard for me and for other humans to admit rejection. No one wants admit they have been hurt in this way because well, it hurts. We often associate rejection with failure. They seem to go together often and after a while, I realized sometimes, they don'tDon't get me wrong, sometimes rejection IS failure but there are those moments, it's not.  

Let's face it, when we get rejected, it can be easy to get hurt, almost like all our armor has fallen off or been taken or even doesn't work. Those are moments we are at our softest or most vulnerable. We can feel exposed or even wounded. That's life. This happens to everybody. Its kinna how things work. We get hurt - we hurt. We are not at full service or even at full power mentally, physically and spiritually. Rejection effects everyone, rarely in the same way. As a Modern-day Jedi, there's this idea that because we are so smart and read all those books, we can figure things out that life won't let us suffer because of it... sound like someone you know? Ani felt the same way. Many of us do. It's not just a Jedi thing, it's a human thing. I'll do anything some days NOT to hurt. Most of us wont intentionally inflict rejection if we can. No one likes it. It's never healthy and there's no way around it... or is there? 

Knowing how to combat things is kinna what we do here and the Kill - Joy of rejection can be one of those things we as Modern-day Jedi can conquer.  

If we are easily hurt then it will be easy to get hurt by rejection. If easily hurt, anything can harm. There is a vibe or a mode or a mood or even an idea I wish wasn't but it is... Rejection equals valueless. If you see that - take your saber and cut it in half. Separate them for good.  

There's a suspicion that comes with the territory too when rejection comes to call that can be just as an additive to decay as worthlessness and that's suspicionThere's never anything wrong with questions, intent steers the helm of suspicion often too dangerous places. Hurt and pain often are the crew of that boat when it sails. The need or want to Solo happens often after rejection. Its human Retreat can be the sound rejection blathes. Upset usually tends the sails, if ya know what I mean. It's everywhere when rejection is present. Its way to easy to get upset. it's like upset brings soap to the slip and slide. Rejection can make too much uncontrollable. That's real life as well as any Hero's journey.  

We as Modern-day Jedi have heard of the Dark and the Light side type of ideas, it's easy for us, and we normally associate reverse psychology as the Dark side or as Evil or unknow, but in real life, reverse psychology can be one way to combat ANYTHING. 

Take some time to think about that... 

The effects of rejection can be taxing to Modern day Jedi and humans equally. It hurts. It aint fun. No one likes to be rejected - period. 


If you, at any timeidentify then be aware you are. Make the choice. Apply that generously anywhere any time. 

Easly hurt 

suspicious of others 



The feeling of being overseen 

Loss of motivation 

substantial loss of care in everyday activities that for us is routine 

This is a small list compared to what can be placed in those check boxes. 

To combat and conquer these types of things that can Kill Our Joy in life, let's start at the beginningThat's usually the best place to start. 

For me and many people, things usually begin when we remember or try to identify where those feelings and ideas came from. What do you think Jedi do in Temples all day - read and think? LOL Know yourself Modern day Jedi - it is your right as Jedi and as humans to know yourself. Light and dark or know and unknow sides- you CAN figure it out - every Hero does. Every Hero CAN. Each and every story is how YOU do it. Those are the stories I like.  

Identify and find out 

Our childhood forms a lot of what we are today without cultivation. For me, this wasn't fair, so I took it upon myself as a Modern-day Jedi and human to identify a few things. Growing up, no one trains us or teaches us about rejection, we - on our own - figure it out. Now, most are like this and I cannot deny that not everyone is the same. There are many different variations of this and many ideas so please be aware of that, YOU many the exception to any "rule" because you are you and there's only one you. For the most part, if you were like me, human, ya dealt with rejection like a kid. That's where it starts.  

Treat children and train children to deal with things, be the missing link if you like or continue that legacy of greatness - either way that's the start of things for everyone. 

Start there. 

Identify where things come from and what they are in your path and life. Find your actual path. Use a journal. Digital if you like...hint hint 

Write it down - what you find. 

Understand something Modern day Jedi - Our Jedi path - this track we are on- to find out who we are - know and unknow - is a self-reflective path any one can take at any time at any level. We are all on the same road that doesn't lead to exact results but often the same ideas. At no part of the Modern day Jedis path will the Force ever KEEP or HOLD. There is no blame or attachment from the Force. Knowing there is no condemnation for reflectiveness - you are free to ask and review your past, present and future.  

This was a gift and a very real hurdle for me and for many Modern-day Jedi. 

So, the question stands, how do I as a Modern-day Jedi combat rejection? Walk into the cave and find out. Sit and think. Meditate and identify. Pray about it. Find out where it came from and make the effort to reflect and adjust. Ask questions to real people. Find your elders. 

Beginning creates. 

Beginning new things creates new things. 

New seeds make new crops 

If your already there - LEAD THE WAY we are in your example of wake. To those starting fresh - you are not alone. To those fresh in it... It is good to be a Modern-day Jedi - I got people like you! 

May the Force be with you still. 

Pastor Carlos