A Modern day Jedi’s book of Change (...a shepards journal...)

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(left blank intentionally )

There is more to come and plenty of time to read.
Dear Temple- here is a version I have been working on for 2 whole years. Im postin this here for edification and adjustment before I send it off to some one for book form. My grammer is horrible and I apologise for that. So is my punctuation. I have very little formal training but im getting better every day. This is ment to be a good thing for others as well as my self. feel free to share and use this for any personal stuff here and in your own life. Post it quote it - do as you like just cite it right. This is ment for more building great Modern day Jeddist than anything else so I will post the whole intro later and all that and cites and such at the end. Time is often occupied so feel free to contact me directly or pm me with questions or coments or gripes complains wedding invitations- party invites - blank check you know... smiley face - enjoy and more to come.
Pastor Carlos

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14 Feb 2020 15:54 - 25 Aug 2020 11:55 #349775 by Carlos.Martinez3
As a human and as a chosen Jedi, we all have the privilege where and what we title "the Force." It can be the idea or/and the ebb and flow- the Way- or the practice- either for character, guidance or even lead. Some parts we may not be able explain, that's ok too! No one Force may be like the other. Simply put, the Force is the way we freely and actually choose to merit. By this, it can never be the same. Our beginning and creation can depend on a choice to seek that which can never be named and experienced fully. These are steps towards understanding.

A modern day Jedi acknowledges the Force. Descriptions often come from our own choices. Good and Bad- Light and Dark- Harmony and Unbalance-theses are our own descriptions of what we see actually present and how we are relative to it. Our labels describe but can never fully identify the Force. Not even its name. A Jeddist can search and dwell in the ebb and flow, the result is not from the seeker but from the flow- from the Force. A Jedi can dwell there and leave and return- it all depends on them. With or without, the Force is.

Thankfulness and praise are the most common and easiest connection any one can make. Want and greed are just the same. Adding value and importance is a choice we can make and add to anything. A mind can be emptied and any one can be filled to its core by choice or resolve. Those who think they know can be easily confused. It is said: " A full cup can not be filled." A return is always beneficial- so too the Jeddist. Sometimes no action can reveal a lot. Try it every now and then.

The Force can never be spent or understood fully nor can it be filled. It can be full and available now as much as tomorrow. It can be in everything and labeled many things, regardless of what we call it, IT IS, in ways we may never understand or choose. We may choose a word for it, yet it isn't that only a part. We use the word "like" to describe what we can relate or how it relates to us.

Value can be placed anywhere we choose- free will and all that. If we, as modern day Jedi, have it, so do all. We are practitioners- like martial artist, no form will ever be the same and we will be all at different levels of skill and frequency. All are welcome to participate what we choose. As substance takes shape of its vessel, so to the Force can be in the form of the modern day Jedi -Our description can be what we contain.

The Force can nurture, cultivate and give a place to grow. That vastness is in everything, yet... keeps nothing for itself.

The heavens and earth are before and after us. So to is the Force. To dwell in the Force is to be ever present. Attachments can be limited by chalice and harmony can be a result.

Benefit has no label, in it there is no motive. The Force is like this. It can be given, taken, and spread just the same with no motive. Nature cultivates and grounding can never be exhausted. Know order. Manipulation has motive, efficiency is often beneficial. Identification can result much difficulty rather than blame. It is every humans right to think. Jeddist are humans, be present as often as possible.

A full cup can spill. Things used will be spent. Worry often occupies - do-return-do-return- Nature does this , why can't we?

A Jedi learns, mind, body and soul, does harmony grow as well? Can we be the forever student? Can every day be a new day. Can you be born like the sun and sky, fresh every day? Can we also do nothing, and be like the sun and sky? Give-begin-feed. Feed-give-strengthen cultivate. In this there is a hidden truth in the Force.

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15 Feb 2020 15:56 - 25 Aug 2020 12:00 #349793 by Carlos.Martinez3
Ideas have purpose. Its the purpose that matters. The reasons for, are the purpose. The entrance and exits are not the purpose of the room. The space is the core of its purpose. Some days we may purpose, some days we may not. The Force can be tangible sometimes. Purpose is a label easily placed and removed by anyone - rarely the Force.

The five colors can blind
Five tones can deafen.
Five flavors cloy the palette.
Want and greed know all.
Competition can often blind.
A Jeddist can be balanced.
A practiced/seasoned Jedi can tell need from want.

Success is as dangerous as failure. A seasoned Jedi can welcome disgrace as a pleasant surprise. Hope can be as hollow as fear. A Jedi can find peace in calamity. You can plan for a prize at any part of the path. With win, pride is easy, almost automatic like humility is in loss. Hope and fear are feelings which can be wild or in control or be controlled. balance can be had and is needed as fear and hope.

See what has no form.
Hear what has no tone.
Reach for what can be held. Enter into it.
What has no alpha and no omega? It is neither light nor dark-empty or full. Formless, it returns to the image-less. Follow the Force and there is no end nor beginning and - its never exhausted. Keep it. Be present with what can not be penned. Understanding this is a small step toward the Force.

A modern day Jeddist seeking wisdom can be subtle and flexible and profound and comprehensible. Their minds can be deep - too deep to fathom. The only description they give can be vague and given by example. A Jeddist can be as mindful as walking on ice in a storm, timid, yet as alert as a mouse and cautious and courteous as a guest and yielding as ice melting. They can be simple as the un carved block, hollow as a cave and stirred like a muddy pool, yet what can clear and settle the pool? Who can move inert to living? The Jeddist who fids wisdom wont stay stag but will flow. They will never fill and are a hidden sprout. Rush is rarely used by the Force.

Be empty. Notice things return. Growth is never rushed. There is a peace when a Jedi returns. Form can keep as well as free and the balance depends on the choices. There is a benefit in honor and is a king character. To be one with the Force and wisdom is to abide forever with both...even after death. Wisdom and honor and the Force remain.

A Jeddist can easily become a leader, loved, and feared but when they are not present, that's when great leadership can exist. That's great leadership. Hate is not. Unbalance and unfaithful are often pairs. Completion is a benefit to ALL- not just Jeddist.

When humanity and the Force are lost, humanity and life still exist. Intelligence and wit can result hypocrites. Pity and devotion can dwell in the same home with no peace. When hope is lost, loyalist can still be found.

Without things like thought or wisdom, things seem to be ok. Without morality and direction, things seem to be alright. Without application or purpose, people content.The Force, with wisdom, is like this, parts of a whole.
Without all, none can be sufficient.
Thought- direction- application. With out all, none can be sufficient.
Return - Receive- Apply

Receive and return.

Why learn? Why distinguish and label things? Some bask in information. A Jedi can keep information and still be an empty cup ready to be filled. Some shine and some don't. Some seek purpose and some don't. Some create purpose. Some can be like the wind, to come and go and have no need for home. Where we receive or nurture can be as different as every possible purpose available. Its all on the individuals choice.

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16 Feb 2020 16:31 #349812 by Carlos.Martinez3
(this chapter left intentionally missing for now)

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16 Feb 2020 17:19 - 25 Apr 2020 14:32 #349813 by Carlos.Martinez3
Band and be made strong.
Curve and be made strait.
Empty and be filled.
give to get.
Die often to be made a-new.
Keep little and gain.
There is benefit to dwelling in the Force and having a personal balance. Those who try not to shine often do but in a very different way. Things change with the Force: Attention, Credit, Success, Fullness, Faithfulness, Character. They all change when given or received by the Force.
Dont be surprised when ya notice it.

The simplest form can yield much. Think of the birth of a breeze. Fathered by the sun, born in the air. Rain? A Storm? Who is truly the author of them? In its time, it, finds its balance. Mans rash endeavors are just like them.
Welcome the Force and see the difference becoming a part of it can make. Apply it to virtue and dwell in a different form of virtue. Apply it to loss and dwell with a different form of loss. Applying the Force Can change the form of outcomes- be ready. Changing seeds changes crops. Be ready...

Technicalities can be like fingerprints. Rushing is just that. Miss attention and a boast can often blind, so can some forms of pride. To release, can often result receiving wisdom often holds nothing.

Silence is one of the greatest teachers in the world. So many things can be cultivated-like the earth itself in silence. The sky is great and ever going and present as the Force. Silence-Earth-Sky- are 3 great examples we have that we can touch and see and think on when trying to understand the Force. Plan, plant, produce. A great example to have.

The Force and the Mountain are one as the river yet there is no competition with one another. To know thyself is to be like both the river and mountain. To step on others is not beneficial. Seeking the Force can produce different character.

Knowing can be as Thunder or a cloud or even rain. Like lightening and a whisper. A Jeddist can enter a room and dominate or leave. Preservation is often nourishing to all. Like the force both preservation and cultivation are great returns and great to pass. What a great tenet from the Force.

Knowing past, present and future can be like knowing creation and destruction or like knowing all sides of harmony. A Jeddist can be like water that flows like a river. Its never stopping, ever new, from all parts and places. Know light and Dark. Don't be naive. Be wise when it comes to sides. Lead by example. To be a fountain-flow freely. Water is benefit to all, even stagnant. Balance is a great return a Jeddist with it, a Jeddist can shine and keep their own focus. regardless of what else is present.

29. If you try, you will never fully know the Force. Impossible. Its the part of NOT understanding that makes it understandable. Why know everything, and not understand? Wonder-Learn. This is a beneficial return. Another is to remember all things have their time. Too much is often, too much.

The Force can lead without upset or war. Tools can be used for any purpose and any side. A Jeddist-like the Force- can achieve with no parade, boast, or pride because its the natural way. The Force never achieves by fore or rush. Things spoil early when methods are present. The force isn't like that...it lasts.

Weapons can be used differently than tools. weapons can be used well by violence and despised by creation. Follow the Force. Create. Make. Build. Jeddist are smart. Violence leads to destruction not rebuilding or remaking. In undoing peace, can still be the focus. How one wins matters. Death can be rejoiced and feared.

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18 Feb 2020 14:49 - 25 Aug 2020 12:01 #349842 by Carlos.Martinez3
We call it the Force, small yet, it knows no superiority or inferiority to anything. If we could harness it, we would see harmony in a different light and in different form, far different from law. Once we try to add labels, we give different forms different separations. Let the Force flow like all things to the sea, with no need for label, just action.

Dealing in others takes wisdom in just that. Knowing yourself is wise under any banner or group. Mastering others takes strength. Mastering and knowing ourselfs can strengthen and power. Knowing balance is considered wise and rich. This is needed in every human not just Jeddist.
Faithfulness - Steadiness - Strength

Staying power endures.This will last after death itself.

Who has power over a flood? Yet, everything needs water. The Force is and can like this. Its Ebb and Flow is what drives and its consistency is its faithfulness. Never claiming, yet, heads all. The Force is never demanding or Lords over things, yet it can always be present, hidden in hearts. Truly what is humble as the Force when there is no demand only notice?

The Force will attract every one and anyone. Its strength can be admired by all. Its joy can be admired by all. Things may take time to admire but in the Force there is a ever lasting joy that is as vast as it is. See the Force, find little want. When you listen, you hear nothing yet, it can fill and be shared. In that, its inexhaustible.

To think, you should know.
To take, you understand it in full.
To undo, it must be built.
To get, first comes giving.
These things are know. Soft overcoming hard. Slow overcoming fast.

How we do things CAN remain a mystery.
Fruits is the mystery of the tree. What keeps the earth together in whole? Where is the soul? Where are the fences tht keeps the world foundations? Where is the furnace for the spark of life?
We still have a lot to learn.
Humility is a great return and a bright shine when we don it. Great things are made on great foundations. A Jeddist can know these things and with compassion,humility and compassion - can receive gems that shine. In the Force it is the low that rules and its the faithful that last. Its the empty that get filled.

The Force acts, yet demands nothing. It can rest and work all at the same time. Understand this and growth becomes a Force type of growth, not a common type. This type of Force transforms, by itself, in its own natural way. With it, can come virtue and a level of contentedness that can only come from the Force. Peace is in front from such a gift as the Force.

Virtue and the Force never side. A Wise Jeddist can leave nothing undone. Others can be busy. Kindness can leave things undone. A Jeddist can act when no one is present. When in question choose virtue.
Find kindness where kindness isnt.
find justice where justice isnt.
Where there is no justice form can help. Form can be the basic building block of learning. Form can be an easy choose and can easily be stumbled on. Jedi can seek substance as well as form.
Fruit and flower can be had.

ONE ness can be had.The sky becomes clear. The Earth becomes calm. The Spirit begins to move. The ONE ness fills. Creatures find it, so can those in charge. What would come undone when the focus is lost? Humility is a wonderful place to find greatness.
Good foundations are needed to make things strong. A Jedi can see the Flow of the Force and turn the attention to harmony.

The Force always returns and brings life. Born - things exist from the Force.

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20 Feb 2020 14:32 - 24 Sep 2020 13:10 #349883 by Carlos.Martinez3
The Force makes sense. Most cant hear it all and some laugh. Not everyone will understand or even want to understand. Thats a part if its mystery. When we look at light, everything dark in compared to it in the Force. Foward can retreat. Easy can be difficult Direction seems lost. Power seems weak. Full seems empty.

From one we get two and from two and one we get three and the myriad of life. Life stays balanced and harmony is as breathing in and out, a constant refreshing. We can all feel helpless, little, worthless and regardless lot. A Master can use rather than obtain. Get when give and give when you get. (Constant refreshing)

It is said "Sleep with dogs, rise with fleas."

Sometimes soft can overturn hard. "No substance" can enter into emptiness. Non -Ado can teach without words and perform without action. Silence is one of the greatest teachers of all times. Silence is as Non - Ado.

What do we value? Titles or names? Being or wealth? What is prized more? Gain and loss, which hurt more? Excess can take its toll. Strong will weigh heavy from use and loss. Be happy and content. To know when is enough is truly a rich gift few process and it can keep you from peril. With this, any one can prosper.

By definition, perfection can be attained, yet it still can seem not perfect. Perfection can be constant, yet imperfect. Fullness can seem empty yet can be managed. The truest can seem, not , and greatness can seem clumsy and common. Often, the result can be the very thing that overcomes. Movement can overcome cold. Calm can overcome heat. Peace can be made or found. This is the flow. Removal lets the Ebb and Flow run. Never speak for it-speak of it.

When the Force is in balance, natural things happen. When not, its evident, unbalanced is present. There's nothing worse that not knowing when enough of anything is. If you know- then you can have it.

You don't have to leave to experience. Without eyes- distance is known without leaving. See without looking and learn to do- nothing.

Learning takes accumulation. To learn the Force- sometimes you gotta forget. Non-ado is a state reached in the process of doing nothing. To win the world- release it. Attachment can lead to loss.

People like to turn to those who are of like interest. Its easy. Kindness is always available. Virtue and the Force can be kind.
Faithfulness finds favor.
Wisdom can be shy and return to itself. Take joy at what you find. While some can take joy at what they find while strife is present. Some can smile.

50. In life- 13 is present in death. 19 is restated from birth. 13 is common. Why is that? It is said, "If you live well no tiger, buffalo, battle or weapon can defeat, or even harm." Why is that? Death is given no room.

From the Force comes all. it can be nursed by virtue, sharpened by matter, perfected by environment and by character. The Force reflects virtue well. Under wings like that- growth, shelter, and belonging can be found. to live and not claim. to work for no wage but craft. to be a leader not a butcher. This is a hidden secret of virtue and the Force. From the virtue and the Force can come all life.

Our existence is shared. Our beginning is shared. Understanding history is to know the origin. RETURN. In return there is no risk of harm. Return . Close things down and restart. by this there is prevention and less waste. Open and use without return and all will exhaust. To see small is wise. The weak can be made strong. Seek and return. Don't [pause for thought] bring calamity by this, you can begin to understand the "changeless-ness" of the Force.

In a seed dwells great wisdom, readily available- so too is the Force. in a grain of wisdom. In it is a great way. Fear often separates. A great way is simple and true many will deny it. outwards may look great but it is what the vessel contains that IS the purpose. Many are found wanting or empty. Some make weapons, never cures. Some have, yet are empty.
Return to the Force.

If you plant well, there is no fear of wilt or end. What you hold will not be forgotten. Sacrifice is a gift, we can all learn without prejudice. Keep virtue and it will keep you
Keep it in the family and it will keep them together. Keep it in the community and it will grow.
Keep it in the State and it will overflow. Keep it in the world and it will be university.
Hence- personal responsibility. A person-family, community, state and world can be held by their own. How do I see this? let all who have eyes see look and watch- A basic idea in the Force.

One step toward virtue and you can be born again. In it is no harm. Virtue will hold. Faithful virtue blossoms into integrity. The harmony of integrity is a song all can hear. In Harmony dwells the changeless. Knowing the changeless can result in insight. it is said "To Hasten to the growth of life is ominous." In control, you can find strain, excess and decay--opposite the Force.

There are no words for those who know. If you don't know words are used to describe what is not known.
Try. Exist.
Break and become a part of the tangible experience. That can be the Force. Try.
Try is the tangent that can connect.
Action is often a great conductor. This mystery is worth cultivating free from limit and harm. This can be a higher (selfless) way among many.

It is said "You secure a war by exceptional actions, but to gain the world you must it go." Ruling can weaken over time. Weapons can create confusion. It is said, "The more you grip, the more you loose." Be in mind when no conflict exists . Want will always be. Let it be. Let it be. There is a simplicity and can begin when want is not the focus. Simplicity can be cultivated.

Sharp can become wily and discontent. Dark leans on light- light on dark- dark hides light- when does it end? Is there a standard? Definition? All exist in equal amount, everything. Constant perplexity and uncertainty can and does exist.
The idea.
Take-not hurt Remove-not harm Turn without defacement Carve not deface
Lead without demand Guide not Lord. Show not blind Add not weight
This can be a big one for a Modern day Jedi.

Be economical about resources. This is a good thing. Have a home to return to , often to return from. Before stray is a double value of virtue. You can overcome anything. To overcome such, gain. Reach invisible heights to reach you can enter. Born of this, can last long. Take root in the Force. In the Force you can find an ability to see and live. Make that a home to return.

60. It is said "Ruling a big kingdom is like cooking small fish." When the spirit (the Force) is at hand. malice has no hold. The head lives in Harmony - not conflict. With its part out or harmony it harms. All parts in Harmony- All benefit.

The fertile crescent is a haven and reservoir for life. Life and death have their own harmony. Life by meekness can conquer death. it great can commit to small and small to the great in harmony- both meet with gain- not loss.

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21 Feb 2020 16:12 - 25 Apr 2020 14:35 #349912 by Carlos.Martinez3
The Force is an available resource to all. Truly a treasure and safeguard to those who need it.
It is said, "A good word will find it's own market."
What's a gift? A good deed?
On the path of life there is no stray.
Fame and fortune can come with gifts, offer the Force. What's the value of the Force? Week it with virtue and you will find it different every time. The guilty can be forgiven truly this is a hidden treasure.

Practice non=ado. Work for craft- enjoy the unenjoyable- build- try- defeat injury with kindness. Try solving problems before hand. Build big in little. often times the difficult can be made easier by attending to the small things. The wise know this in any form. and finds ease in the big things. If...a promise is lightly made it is made from a lack of faith. Thinking things are easy often finds a difficult end. In all things big and small-be diligent- diligence in the force benefits all.

It is said, "At rest is easy to hold. What produces no new can be predicted." Fragile can be shattered where there is no sight-darkness rules. Small is easily discharged. Deal with things prior to the need. Plant and cultivate peace in every season before confusion sets in. Tree from seed towers from Earth. A journey from one step. Fuss and spoil can compliment each other often. Cling will loose- the wise reach to connect and touch--not cling. Success can spoil. Take heed to begin and patience to end to rid spoil. The wise can be content. Goods have no value as the wise unlearn they bid all "return" The wise help others find themselves. A Jeddist like great leaders can lead by example rather than Force.

A Jeddist began with a hunger for the Force, not a basic. When found, we as humans try to make it simple.
The Force-is simple- to rule-that's different.
Cleverness can harm growth understand and see the order of things as they are.
Be true in measure. To think and keep a measure in your mind is called a "mystical virtue."
It can lead to return for all- in Harmony.

Ever wonder why the sea rules? During its beginning and end it lays low. The wise will remember and be like the sea in enlarging backwards and in clear sound when heading. When you stand above, you see the ideas NOT persons. They will be safe and protected. Push forward with selflessness not greed. Big Difference.

All who see the Force in me say it is great or uncommon. The uncommonness allows it to work without limit. Common can be weak and when we begin, it is not. Keep and cultivate simplicity, faithfulness, and mercy.
Mercy can be brave.
Faithfulness allows giving.
Emptiness allows filling or receiving.
lead from there.
Bravery before mercy, giving without *******
leading without returning can be a deadly and dangerous thing.
Mercy can win a war.
Mercy can defend.
Mercy can bring rescue and protection.
Keep it. Mercy-

A good way to act is to order not by feelings.
A balanced fighter is rarely angry. completion needs little antagonizing.
it is said, "The best way to empty someone is to serve them."
This is a virtue you find in non-strife.
There are benefits to being yolked with virtue and the Force.

You can advance without movement.
You can display strength without force.
You can capture without confrontation.
It is possible. It is said there's no worse than those who underestimate others.
Underestimating people can bring calamity. Be smart and keep this secret.
Pay Attention be smart and keep this gem. Remember- a winner rejoices and griefs.

Things can be read and understood and practiced but not every one who does,will. Fewer will practice. Things have a beginning. Ideas can be more than words or greed. The less that seeks often makes things noble. Sometimes, mystery can be the answer.

it's noble to choose humility over ego. It ain't easy.
no matter the effort, humility can outshine ego and ego will pass.
It is said, " only when we are sick of our sickness can we cease to be sick."
A Jeddist can focus on the sickness, not the sick. This is a hidden trait in a world shared by few. It is good and healthy and worth passing.

Frequency can create. Accustom too frequent can create deminishment.
Used to it? Cut back.
Taxing can dim the individual effort. Love yourself but keep an inward focus.

Bravery can destroy as daring isn't survival or wise. One keeps, one takes. Sometimes things just are. Bravery can exist without death. Just like a response can be non verbal.
Leading can be done without ***********
Precision can always be evident- the possibilities are as the sky- vast and spread.
Constant free--always present.

Death does not scare those frequent or prone or born into it. Frequency often weakens fear. In this state, can death look, law, and grip. Killing, can be cutting down a tree in nature.
The motive death is death, not a tool. Balance is needed here especially.

Pressure can cause need and often create lack. Heavy taxing can starve. need will always live, adding others adds joy and pains. You won't ever see all sides or motives. Some shine over much life. Some don't there will always be examples of all present.

Like plants we are soft. In death we crisp hard and rigid keep each other. They are kin.
Life will find it's company an army can topple in too much. anything can.
Culling removes intention as well.
Low can be mighty and great and can be lifted.

Things can be made and used and utilized as tools. Up is only up when down is only down. Most times can we really use those words? The correct measure can always be present. An oasis is a gift to all. Greed can take from all. A cultivated heart can benefit all. Master work not for wage or Kudos. Work but don't dwell on it.
The blessed wise understand and need nothing other than the blessing. There is a secret understanding when the blessed keep merits to themselves.

Water can be weak and soft and overcomes anything with no equal. Nature gives examples sometimes we miss. thirst can be a poison. To lead is to take responsibility. Truth yields in its own time and season. Apply anywhere.

Don't forget sometimes with healing comes scars. This is no state to stay in. A Modern day Jeddist can keep their oaths and claim any other label they like. Virtue and character keeps those who keep it. Virtue reminds to grow-feed- never hoard, sow, it ain't a big secret, keep virtue, sow it!

Manage. Perfection. Admirably and be at peace. There is a benefit to mastery. not machinery. home can be for dwell not travel. things need space and can be kept for use. They can build hearth, heart and home, and grow, over time.

To some, truth can be bitter, words can be as air and contain anything. try not to argue, it changes the outcome often. Be careful you don't realize you know it all. Be wise. Treat hoarding as a sickness. The more you empty the more you can flow and get. Life can be lived without harm, every day. The wise Jeddist will remember. Plant- Seek- Find- Sow- not because they are told because that a good way to do things.

By example the benefits are possible.

May the Force we seek, share, and serve be with us all as we all seek, serve, and share it.

Pastor Carlos.

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21 Feb 2020 17:53 - 25 Apr 2020 14:36 #349914 by Carlos.Martinez3

Pastor Carlos here. During Bible College I was challenged by a professor that if I wanted to learn any faith - translate the given holy text completely in your own words and apply it to you currently. After being in a Modern day Jeddist style of community, I’ve felt like this is something needed to be done for the entire community to use, Temple wide - all yours - let others pay for it lol . This is a example of what any one can do. Any person can translate their own scriptures and texts and bibles and create their own literal personal version of anything. Isn’t that what we do in our hearts anyways? I’m a Modern day Jeddist so my version and focus is here - in our setting. We are Jedi and believe in the Force. While you read this please be aware I’ve not only taken time and effort but spiritual time too to relate this as much as possible for as many as possible. This isn’t a thou shalt and shalt not - oh no my friend - this is how One person does it - what can yours look like ? I’ve used many copy’s of others people work so citations will follow and which versions I read and used will be gladly given their fair time in the light and credit. This is strait from me to you Temple. I’m not the best at - spelling- Grammer - but I’m learning more every day so please forgive all the human errors. Mi Culpa. Feel free to post comments or ideas here as this will stay here as long as allowed and for all to use here freely. Eventually I’ll try and publish it and see if we can have a bit of fun with it.
All my heart
Pastor Carlos

Ps - when you read - the Force - it’s the one you’ve chosen so to keep from redundancy I want to tell you this now -
Rather than do this

The Force (the one you choose)

Every time the words -the Force - is present just understand my intention when using the Force - it’s not the Disney version by any means. I dont want to get sued by using “their” words so I will state this clearly here.

The use of the word CAN

The word can is used often here intentionally -

What is and what can be is a different way of leaving things open for others to apply for me so even though it’s a small word - rather than do this

The Force CAN be like this or that...
And emphasize every can - I tell you know. It’s on purpose - catch the “cans” lol or maybe do it in red? What ya think -any how enjoy and I look forward to what this brings
Force continue to be with y’all!

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25 Apr 2020 00:08 #351399 by Rosalyn J
Tao Te Ching?


Pax Per Ministerium
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