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Every Modern Day Jedi has their canon. Some have a mix or a balances but for the most part, we as Jedi cling to a few basic shared ideas. One is the Cave. There is this location you can't get to. It is not a physical place but more of a mental and or spiritual plane. This Cave is where we can not lie or cheat because we are the only ones there. In this Cave we find out who, what and how we are. It goes by many names. For the most part, Modern Day Jedi self-reflect often. Truth of the matter is; there IS not ONE single cave. Oh, no friends, in real life there are many caves and at many levels. 

We find many truths  in the Cave. We find ourselves, and our character. In our Cave, that's where we find out what we are made of. Some of us seek out caves and hidden parts. Some of us stay away. Whatever the case, my hope is that as we grow as Modern Day Jedi, we understand more and more, especially about... Us. Going into the Cave is OK, letting it keep you too long may not be. Reflection is healthy, staying too long may, not be. 

The Cave - don't get stuck.

Walk in, walk out. Get what ya need, don't live in the Cave, visit it. 

Pastor Carlos