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Will you join me today where the Force meets you? Find a favorite place to be and bring this with you. Whether by thought or by paper. If you are here, then a few things come to my mind. The main idea is; you are a Modern day Jedi. That first step has already been taken some time in the past. Your presence here means you have decided to share with us. That is all we really do here is share. So my question today is: What happens when we "out Jedi, the Jedi"? Think about that for a bit. Is it possible to "out Jedi, a Jedi"? What does that really mean? Alan Watts has a saying that I use with my family often and it goes like this, "what happens when you out manner others?" What happens next? After you out manner every one? What happens after we become a Modern day type of Jedi? What is next? One of the things, that is a common glow of our real Life Sabers is that glow of helping others. The first few things a Cinema Jedi does is find out who they are. They deal with the inside stuff. In real life this is not the easiest of things to do and even more to figure it out. In the real world its self reflection. There are soooo many different ways to reflect. There are literally almost as many ways to ask the same question as there are people. Think about that, seven and a half billion ways, all active. Who are you? Where are you from? Can you function while doing self reflection? What do you do do when what ya find is upsetting or scary to us? So many questions and so many different paths that can have some similarities or some that are complete polar opposites. How do we make the choices and how do we keep track of it all and what is next for ME? As Pastor, I am blessed to share these type of discussions with y'all. The Mentorship we create here and what has been created is something I can not truly explain, but I can vouch for it. This place works. This idea Works. It dwells in different levels and in different seasons. Spending more than days-- but seasons here can be beneficial if you ask me. You know there are people here who have been at the Temple of the Jedi Order since it was first created? Yea... back in the day when the Internet had that buzzing clicking sound that went eeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh kkkkkkkkkk mmmmmmmm. (That was a joke) Take some time to find them out.  I am right here. I could point a few out. Take some time to seek out these Pilars in the Community. Take time to meet Knights and Clergy and take some time to find out what's up with the what's up. We will never reach a place of completion as Modern Day Jedi. That's not really our gig. Not our thing. What CAN be one of our gigs is to usher in new and to cultivate fresh new ideas and things and ways and perspectives. Can ya really OUT JEDI A JEDI? No. That's silly. But I can use the idea of it to remind me that to be a Modern Day Jedi we all share a few glows. What do we really do here? We just share. How does one join in? Well if your already Jedi, join. Get it? Join in again. Join in from the front. Join in from the back. Join in from right where you are in any part of any path. You can not out "Jedi a Jedi "but only be one. Be one friends and ... SHARE? Bring it. Your already here. That's what we do.

May the Force we share and the glow we share be with YALL!

Pastor Carlos.