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In every story, there is more than one side. There is a two sided coin, when I find it, I like to flick it in the air and listen for the "ding." The message is the same on both sides. The camel on it helps me to remember a few things. For me, its a idea that is worth returning to often. There is one return or secret of the Force I would love to share with you today. Say it out loud with me, "We are not them." This small coin like treasure can help any Modern Day Jedi with every day life. My hope is that this can help any Modern Day Jedi understand two simple ideas in the Hero's Journey that can benefit any traveler on their journey.

We are not Them.


When speaking of the Hero's Journey; the human potential, the Mono-Myth, the All-Myth, or any good story worth repeating: remembering this phrase can be a powerful reminder that a good return can ring-like a token, a coin, or a notification alert. If we had mental coins, I would recommend this very phrase on both sides, and hope it sings when you toss it in your mind. As much time as I spend in myth and myths and stories of others, I have to remind myself; that for me, it is healthy to take a step back. It is hard to step back from a good idea or a good story. It is healthy to step away from "too much". Sometimes, I have to remind myself, I can leave anytime I want, I have that freedom. Anytime, anywhere. Sometimes just reminding ourselves we are free, reminds us that we are free. Our level of participation often comes with the heaviest weights we bring as Modern Day Jedi. In real life, we can get involved! Oh yes friends. We seem to always be all in, or all out. It's a strange, common, glow of saber-so I've noticed. Remembering that WE are not THEM can put the story back in story mode. 

The second side of this "We are not Them" coin; is in the hope to remember to watch what happens to our heroes, and get a free education. We are not Luke, or Leia, we are certainly not Anakin in real-life. There is no Death Star. We have our own identity and our own paths. We don't have to go down some obvious paths, we are not them- yet- we can be like them, or learn from them. We can be like Vader, like the Twins, but we are not them. This is one of the joys of the Hero's Journey- two if you think about it. Remember next time you are in a good vibe, or a good book, or a good story; remember, we are not them. In real terms, apply. Be -like- Luke, don't -be- a Vader. Does your saber glow a different color now? I hope so.


May the colors we share be with you, and may the Force we share be with you.

Pastor Carlos