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May the Force we share find you today where your at.

Lets officially talk about levels today.

Jedi Believe

In the Force, and in the inherent worth of all life within it.


The very opening of the site brings this to light. Its on the very first page you open. Inherent worth is like free will at times. 


We all come to this place with a ALREADY taken path. Its our path. Our life path. YOUR PATH. Part of that path, is where you grew up. Part of that path, is what was available – to you. These two variations can be like the wind, and sky, when dealing with levels. Think about it. Did you know of a few ideas, or practices before you got here? Were you aware, of this... or that?

Everyone will be at different levels in every part of our path. Let me explain.

Some may have a background in wisdom and knowledge; but no street smarts: and some have street smarts, no books. Some know names, some know faces, and some can’t forget a thing said. Some forget daily that which I will never know. Some can be at a different level of understanding as well. Can you see where the possibility to be far separated from one another is? Add spirituality and every day, as well as philosophy, religion, application ( kids and life) there are vast combinations that can only be described as - A JEDI. At any given time a Modern- day Jedi can be at any level at any time in any part of their path. Everything comes in levels; at times and seasons. The Modern day Jedi, come in LEVELS. Some of us are at parts of our life where we are just barely beginning. Self-reflectiveness helps here often. Some of us are in parts of our path, and life that are nearing the end of things. That's part of life too.


When people walk through the doors of this site, remember that every inherent person is at different levels, not only for themselves but from us. I am going to say that again, some people can be at any level in anything, even interacting with us in this Temple. The levels can range from spiritual to physical to even real life and love. Be aware. Even interaction and conversation can be at different levels.  To be aware sometimes is to be wise. Jedi are smart and can understand and acknowledge any practice or path in a room. Think about that. Can ya see the levels too? It ain't no Jedi mind trick. Remembering that everyone is at some level and some season in their life just may help us as Modern day Jedi get past that first block of this great place.

We believe in the inherent worth of all and those who live, and some times everything that comes with it. Remembering that each Modern day Jedi is in some season and is at some level of their own path can HELP US as Jedi interact and even share things with one another.

Remembering LEVELS can help share. 

LAST part of 58.

The idea.
Take-not hurt; Remove-not harm; Turn without defacement; Carve not deface;
Lead without demand; Guide not Lord. Show not blind; Add not weight
This can be a big one for a Modern day Jedi


Keep sharing Modern day Jedi

Pastor Carlos