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May the Force we share find y'all today. Meditation is a key element to being a Modern-day Jedi. 

Jedi teaching 2.  

Jedi maintain a clear mind; which can be achieved through meditation and contemplation. Our minds can become unduly troubled and concerned with the happenings of the world. We must work on overcoming our individual issues through training and diligence. 

How we meditate can be in that flux of Ebb and Flow of things. The possibilities can be as structured from Forms dating back eons or the next greatest "viral video" out there. Between this vast amount of possibly sky... How does one begin to find a place to take ship and shape in a way that won't just blow your mind?? It does me. As far as parallels are concerned, there are many here in the same boat of meditation.  Here in this Temple and Order, we encourage everyone to meditate, how, HAAAA that's up to you. Your choice. I can encourage everyone to find a way to do it. Just begin. If you're like me, I'm simple at times. Me and my Wife's little brother- after a day in the yard joke but in all seriousness as he says, " there's something ta sitting ya just can't beat." You would be surprised the magic and release and beginning a sit can bring. 


I practice sitting, there are many that do. I've had cows, big orange cows. With having a few hundred longhorns comes knowing a few farmers. I love farmers. Any farmer. To me, the farmer is the humans joy of organization. That's me. Those folks pay attention to details I don't. I like that too. It was during my own study and reflections I realized the GEMS they have taught me and still due to this day. One of those faithful farmer truths was that a good sit is worth the time. In some practices it is said that "Sitting is the gateway of truth to total liberation." Zen Master Dogen 

Man, always reflects on his condition. Its natural. Give it a place and time. Sit down. As a Modern-day Jedi have you mastered the simplest of tasks like... sitting. After you master that, try doing it with others. After that, teach someone the joy you experience after mastering it yourself. I AINT TELLING YA WHAT TO DO. Never, but in real life, I'll always ask you if you'll like to take a seat. Have a seat? Master the art. If it's not your thing, it ain’t your thing, but if you like to try something new, but not really, try having a seat. There's always one right next to me. 

May the Force continue to be with y’all 

Pastor Carlos 


Quotes taken from The World of Zen edited by Nancy W Ross 

“Moon in a dew” writings of Zen Master Dogen