Force Protection and activation

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Okay so this is a revamped version and made a wide general template that you can make more personal if needed. When i first started to connect with the force i said this meditation and asked the force to be with me as i started my padawan journey. The force really did protect me and as i got stronger sometimes my guardians would step aside. Anyways back to the note for some of my brothers and sisters cleaning your place is helpful then meditating while you do so if your into that. Cleaning is a sort of purification and adds some extra strength as you remove blockages for a messy house can block things in addition it's just a good thing to keep your temple clean. Then saging for some of you i know this may interesting you and lighting candles after the saging ritual is for the candle symbolizes our inner unique light that is very sacred. Each light within is unique and the candle can help bring that out concreting your connection a bit. It's optional though and so reading this then meditating can make a difference especially when dealing with external energies.
I (your name) invoke the force (you can say my force or whatever resonates with you and setting a circle is also an option) and ask you to remove all negative earthbound attachments, all negative influences upon me, any dark external entities, dark shields, dark energies, dark devices, dark connections from my mind, my body and my spirit. I ask for purification and healing as these external and what is not of me is removed from my aura, soul and silver cord. I thank thee as you remove any dark external sources, dark hexes, dark curses, dark attachments, dark devices, dark artifacts, dark connections, that are not of me from my house, my yard, my neighborhood, my place of work, my car, my friends, my children, my family, my pets my world, my dimension, and everything in them for past present and future of my infinite circle.

I thank thee as you bring back any soul fragments have left in any place and any person thanking thee for cleansing, healing them as i integrate with my true genuine soul. I trust you oh force for you are me and in this connection i give thanks as you surround me with your love for my self loves goes outward. As you flow through, around and within me for in all dimensions past present and future creating the infinite loop i thank thee for shielding me with 100% genuine self source energy of divinity. I invoke a column of cosmic, pure, divine, source energy of the higher self through my force connection opening my heart chakra to you as you fill me. You cleanse my every cell and every organ in my body mind and soul (you can insert a crystal shows up and is revealed to me activating the reiki master/healer within. then you can say teach me and show me the ways of self love to a newer divine trueer self of 100% genuine force of which i serve. just an option and activation)

Force I activate my spiritual shields of 100% genuine higher self connecting them to genuine pure divine source energy. These take the shape of mirrors facing outward in all directions, dimensions to protect me. These spiritual mirrors deflect any negative thoughts, negative energy, curses, and external darkness aimed at me (say your name) . The energy is sent and deflected to the earth creating transmutation and healing for this earth. I ask that only 100% love and light be able to penetrate this shield and enter my force field with my consent. (so being specific and saying genuine 100% keeps love and light is a general phrase i insert what i want so i am setting my space/tone. Energy is a tuning fork)

This reflective shield of source energy and the force cleanses my sacred dwelling space and protects my sacred dwelling space. I give thanks to the force as you protect my yard, my neighborhood, my car, my place of business, my pets, my friends, my family, me state, my world and deflects any negative external energy.
I have asked and you have given which i thank thee so it is so it will be.
-Cosmic Jedi

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4 years 2 months ago #347249 by Rex
Replied by Rex on topic Force Protection and activation
Care to elaborate on what this means and the presumptions which underlie everything you've said?
E.g.whats a blockage that Drano wouldn't fix? What's saging? What's our inner light and how does that relate to needing to light candles?

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4 years 2 months ago - 4 years 2 months ago #347257 by steamboat28

Rex wrote: What's saging?

An appropriative form of smoke cleansing more commonly (and even more appropriatively) called "smudging", in which one uses smoke to cleanse a room of negative spiritual energies or entities, as well as to cordon off a mental space for the working of will, speaking with the spirits, Medicine work, or other non-physical workings. The use of sage is limited to certain closed faiths and has been "borrowed" by Wicca and reconstructionist paganism instead of using the herbs and resins actually belonging to their practices and cultures, such as juniper, lavender, and mugwort.
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