[Rules] Read First before Posting!

18 Feb 2018 22:33 #315984 by Tellahane
A couple rules about posting here!

1. This section is specifically for discussion of IP Lessons, it is intended for those who are working towards the IP to interact with each other, ask questions, have discussions etc in all things related to the IP. Please keep topics and questions and discussions outside of this area in other sections of this forum. Anything that gets derailed too far will get moved off or moderated accordingly.

2. Please create threads in the following style, so that its easier for those coming in to find threads related to the lesson they are looking for, as examples below:

[Lesson 0] I can't find the FAQ?
[Lesson 8, part 2] I don't have free will!
[Lesson 3, Alan Watts Teaches Meditation] This guy is great but the audio file won't work?

3. Duplicate threads on topics is TOTALLY ALLOWED, we all have different views of questions a long the way so don't feel bad creating a new thread for your own purposes. But please do look through this section first to see if your question has already been answered before posting!

4. Every rank has the ability to post here, from guests all the way up to council, when you ask questions you can and will get answers from all of those ranks, we are all here to help, even your fellow IP takers! So don't feel shy this is created for YOU! USE IT!
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