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I m not really sure or should i say confused about the subject between , talking about violence made me think about Anakin who was teared appart by emotional, psychological and physical pain. All this blinded his heart totally of the good that was in it, his self totally broken as a whole. The plan was well laid by Palpatine. Everything fell into place and making Anakin dependant of his body suit was the last straw of the torture, the last step of breaking him.
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During the conversation on Curse Work over on Facebook, the topic of “Binding” came up several times. Although I could have waited until next year to address the topic as another “Halloween Special”, I know myself well enough to know I’ll completely forget about it. So, I thought I’d go ahead and speak on it while I still have the thoughts fresh in my head.

The Metaphysical Last Resort: Binding

“When you feel the dark side energies turned against you, you just use your Jedi abilities to take power away from your opponent, rather than to inflict harm. This technique blinds your enemy to the Force with a wall of light, a permanent blockage if you so choose, rendering him unable to use Jedi powers. It is difficult. And it is the most devastating attack possible using the powers of the light side. To block a Jedi from the Force - even a Dark Jedi - is a terrible thing.” - Udan-Urr

Sometime last year, MadHatter put forward a challenge to create an Jedi’s Escalation of Force Model. I took up this challenge and even wrote up a model for a Metaphysical Escalation of Force Jedi could apply. In a Physical Self-Defense model, the last resort is “Lethal Force”, and should only be applied in the case of imminent loss of life, limb or eyesight. But where you would see “Lethal Force” on the Metaphysical model, I put in “Binding”.

Bindings are explicitly outlined for those instances where the target believes (or had actually) murdered someone using the Force. Murder being defined as “premeditated killing”, not accidental, but rather the intended outcome of a metaphysical attack against someone else. But it’s something you really need to give weight thought to.

Our Star Wars counterparts rarely ever used a Binding, which they called “Force Severe”. From the above quote, one might come to the conclusion that one of the reasons it is rarely used is because it is difficult to pull off. But honestly, I believe the emphasis is more on the last part of that quote. And I kind of wonder if the real life author of this quote was/is or at least heavily researched paganry to determine the devastating blow that a binding would have on a person.

So let’s dive into a couple relevant community citations:

Relevant Community Citations

Defense- A Jedi understands that defense is not purely physical, but that there are many ways to defend a person or property. As such, it is important to understand that Jedi are not vigilantes. If, however, they are in a position where they are called to defend themselves or someone else against loss of life, limb or senses, they are allowed to apply the appropriate amount of force necessary for defense. (Jedi Compass)
Recklessness- A Jedi does not take unnecessary risks, knowing that their life is important to the Jedi Mission of bettering the world around them. In overcoming recklessness, a Jedi acknowledges and is mindful of how small the impact is perceived to have on themselves or others. (Jedi Compass)
Responsibility- Responsibility is at the heart of learning to overcome our problems. A Jedi should be held responsible for all of their actions. Without it, we cannot grow, we cannot help others and we cannot justify why we are to be taken seriously.
Jedi respect all life, in any form (Skywalker Jedi Code)
Justice: To always seek the path of ‘right’. A Jedi is unencumbered by bias or personal interest. Justice is a double-edged sword, one that protects the weak, yet also passes judgements according to a set of values. A Jedi tolerates that which is not Jedi and does not pass judgement on that which causes no harm for it is just. (Temple of the Jedi Order’s 21 Maxims [modified from Chanada’s Work])
Courage: To have the will. To be a Jedi sometimes means choosing the more difficult path, the personally expensive one. A Jedi knows they must make the right choice, take the right side and that the weak they have sworn to defend often stand alone.  A Jedi puts aside fear, regret, and uncertainty yet knows the difference between courage and sheer stupidity. (Temple of the Jedi Order’s 21 Maxims [modified from Chanada’s Work])

Some of this may be difficult to see how it comes together, but when you read them all as part of the same guidance it will hopefully begin to make more sense. So let’s talk about the ramifications of a Binding.
As my friend Juli pointed out at Jedi Church, “Binding is simply removing the tools someone is using to harm”. At the same time, it removes their ability to protect themselves from metaphysical attack. To be fair, I don’t believe Juli intended for the term “binding” to mean a complete disconnect from using the Force metaphysically, because she goes on to say “If you are going further-- severing someone's connection to the Force (impossible btw), making defense impossible, and so on, then you are once again, not binding.” But I want you to picture in your head the following:
Say you’ve learned how to only fight with one singular weapon your whole life (it can be a knife, a spear, a sword, a firearm, etc), then suddenly it’s taken from you and you can no longer use it. You’ve become very reliant on that weapon to protect you, and then you come into a situation where you need a defend yourself or someone else against an attacker. You may have the physical capability to overcome your assailant, but because you never trained your body to utilize that muscle, your actual ability puts you at a major disadvantage.
That’s the risk you are taking when you bind someone (which relates to “overcoming recklessness, and the line regarding respecting life). You are cutting them off from being able to defend themselves. And let’s be honest, if they are so entrenched in metaphysical workings that they have gone to the lengths of using it to murder- it’s quite possible they have or will made some enemies amongst other magic practitioners.
Which brings us to our responsibility as Jedi once we’ve done this. We have to be accountable for our actions. In the real world, when a police officer binds someone (which is more legally referred to as Detaining or Arresting), they have to assume responsibility for their care until they are released. Realistically, that should be how we Jedi look at such an action as well- because we are rendering them “weak”. This ties into verbiage of Temple of the Jedi Order’s rewrite of the 21 Maxims tenet on “Defense”. Although one could say that the next portion of that sentence allows us to cut them loose and leave them to contend with the consequences, such thought processes completely ignores the intent of mercy reflected in the Jedi Code regarding “respecting all life, in any form” and the Maxim on “Courage” that speaks to making the righteous choice. It also happens to make a point of reiterating that Jedi defend the weak.
Binding a person metaphysically is a serious matter. If you want to fully live up to the Jedi Path, it means that you have two choices in order to ensure that you have integrated the whole of what it means to be a Jedi when you make this choice, given everything listed in our philosophy-
You can make it a non-permanent binding and become the person’s metaphysical guardian until you feel the binding can be released.

You can make it a permanent binding and become the person’s metaphysical guardian until you have sufficiently ensured that they can protect themselves using other tools that they have access too.
Binding isn’t the only way to deal with this kind of problem though. If someone believes they have or actually did use Metaphysical attacks to murder someone, then this speaks to a much deeper problem within the individual. In truth, perhaps the most responsible answer to the problem, is to insist they reach out to someone for counseling. Because the root of the problem will echo in different ways around their life if it’s not attended to in the here and now, regardless of whether or not they can use the Force for attack.
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Specifically about curse work -

There is an old adage which goes something like this: when seeking revenge, dig two graves.

To those who wish to Curse:

You are casting yourself into an Ocean with overwhelming and unforgiving tides. An Ocean full of biting and stinging things which you will never see coming.
Be careful the Path that you choose to walk.

We always have excuses and justifications when we want to do cruel or oppressive things to others. Most of the time the real truth is that we are hurtful because we want to be hurtful. Its not just that what we do comes back to us, its that who we are comes back to us. If you are someone who believes they can just cast curses then guess what? Its coming back to you. Just a matter of time.

Another Way

If you have the power to curse someone into debilitation then why dont you also have the power to bless them into insight? If you believe that you have this power to effect others then why do you focus on how you can dominate and punish rather than on how you can enlighten and uplift? If your impulse is to deliberately curse and harm then maybe you arent really looking to walk the Path of a Jedi.

But if you have a sincere wish to pursue what is Noble - what is Jedi - then I challenge you to look for ways to use your Power so as to strengthen what you believe is Good and not spend so much time dedicated to punishing what you see as bad. Dont be a Curse, be a Blessing. Thats the Jedi Way.
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