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I have a series of questions that can all be distilled down to 'I need some guidance on Exercise 5'.

First, I find it difficult to even know where to start 'comparing religions'. I mean, we just got done reading a series of lectures where the point that most all religions are 'true from a metaphorical sense' was repeated at least twice, a point that I find valid and agree with. So in comparing these religions, it seems to me I would link to Wiki, find the list of highlights on each religion and place them near each other in the paper for ease of comparison. IMO, the most of the ways they vary are in points of etiquette and protocol.

So, the question, after all that, is can you please be more precise in what it is that will be deemed acceptable/passable for this exercise so that I have a clear goal in mind when I start the process?

Next, I have a tendency to expand an argument or point to try to 'cover all my bases', so to speak, so that there may be TOO MUCH information rather than too little. this is reflected in my previous journal entries. I read somewhere that a para a chapter is the minimum for books, is this accurate? I am by no means trying to 'slack', or whatever, I am simply trying to narrow my focus. For example, each religion doubtless has thousands of books written over hundreds of years about it. No one can read them all. So, again, trying to narrow focus.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

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The guidelines you are referring to are loose...

Some predate the Program as it now it is...

Say you are explaining it to me, and i understand your words, but we only have about ten minutes...

I understand Christianity...

How would you summarize these so i stay attentive, and my eyes not glaze over?

Does that help?

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Indeed. Thank you, Jestor.

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