A question about oaths and privacy

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I'm a new member here and it feels pretty bad that my first forum post will have to be about how to correct a mistake I have made.

I go by two names. One that is my registered, which I seldom use, and a nickname which happens to be my alias here at the temple. This nickname comes very natural to me, and so it also did when I took the oath. Not so good, I fear. I didn't even react to what I'd written until it was posted...

I hope you will understand that I, though it might not look like that when I describe my mistake, truly understand that the oath is not taken lightly and brings a huge responibility once taken. I respect that and I took it with my heart. And with the name that I feel is mine, but unfortunately isn't in the register.

So, I simply wonder what to do. Should I take the oath a second time, with my real name in it? As far as I understand there is no editing a post, right?

Most thankful for an answer!

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Welcome to the temple Linn,
It is simple for an admin such as myself to edit these things. just PM me or one of the other admins and we will make the change, though I'd like to mention that the oath is not required right away, you are free to explore the temple, learn some of our teachings before taking the oaths (recommended as well :-) )

I'm not at a computer to check this, but I do not believe an oath is required till knighting so there is nothing to fret about

Anyways don't be shy, feel free to ask anything, we are here to help

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Thank you for your answer! I'll do that!

I must say this is just the thing that made my interest for Jediism and this site grow; the way people are so helpful and nice to each other here! I did hang around here for some time as a guest before I made my decision, this is a very special place, I'm happy to be a member of it now! :)

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