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Yea, well, I did try and humbly inquire, even admitting that I may be lacking in cognitive capacity to fully appreciate your understanding. Humility is indeed a virtue, especially when conversing with someone who has already attained an understanding of the nature of the universe and reality like you say you did... oh humble one.

But if you wish to not share any of it, then my apologies. Please, carry on enlightening the worthy and waste no more time on one as arrogant - and judgemental, apparently - as me.

Better to leave questions unanswered than answers unquestioned
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AntiqueTraveler wrote: I’m here looking for answers.

You won't find them here. All you'll find are more questions.
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lol how welcoming everyone is! warms my widdle heart

Antique, Im glad I was able to inspire! I greatly enjoyed my classes and learned much about my abilities through them. sounds like you have much natural talent and I definately encourage you to practice that as much as possible. I have heard of too many that have such abilities but they sort of ignore them because they dont know how to use them or something. But I say practice makes perfect! so practice, make mistakes and learn!

As for answers, you can find any answers anyplace if you have the will. not sure why others are so disparaging when it comes to this since this is a place for finding those answers within ourselves. so explore this site as well and ask lots of questions!

So finally, once that movie was paused were you able to unpause it with the power of your Chi again? I wonder since you said you had no remote so I was wondering if your friends got to watch the last part of the movie? lol

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