A Thread About the Recent Troubles

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In an effort to provide newer members with some context as to what is happening outside of their view, I'm going to attempt to share as much information as I can with you all.

This place has had troubles and upsets before, and it will happen again. Like Jestor used to say, we're practicing Jedi, not perfect ones. We're all human, and we all make mistakes. This is vital to understanding what is currently happening in the Temple.

The road that has led us to this particular juncture starts a long time ago, when it was stated that perhaps Knights should have a more active role in the day-to-day affairs. Fast-forward to a few weeks ago, when an Advisory Council was announced to help make decisions for TOTJO. Some people thought the experience would be different than it turned out to be, and this made them upset. There were discussions about that. More recently, a member left. When they did, their avatar was changed--by what force and for what purpose, I do not know. It was interpreted as a slight by some, which sparked a remarkably quiet and peaceful protest, which is why you've seen some white/blank avatars around here. TPTB decided that certain people needed time to themselves, and temporarily banned a handful of members for the space of a night or a weekend, I forget which. This was also interpreted as a slight and, more commonly, thought to be an abuse of power by some and a necessary measure by others.

This brings us to the current debate, raging in places far away from the eyes of new members--intentionally so, in most cases, so as not to startle, frighten, or influence them (whether or not it is the right course of action)--which is this: Has TOTJO outgrown its current form of management? Are powers vested in the appropriate places? These questions are the questions the leadership and the knights seek to find a resolution for.

The problem is that we're all very, very tired right now, in all the ways that sleep cannot fix. And everyone, on every side, is letting that show a little too much. I'm sorry if this has frightened any of you, confused any of you, or enraged any of you. We've all let our tempers get the best of us, forgetting important parts of the Jedi Code:

Emotion, yet Peace
Ignorance, yet Knowledge
Passion, yet Serenity
Chaos, yet Harmony

We have failed you in these regards, and I ask your forgiveness on our behalf.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, I will do what I can to help.
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Avalonslight wrote: Anyone,

If you have any questions, my skype and my email are in my signature. I will help as much as I can, based on the information which I have. And I'll do it as many times as anyone needs. I'm just an apprentice. I won't be able to provide all the answers. But I will do what I can.

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I have been absent from the site for a few months as real life took some strange turns. When I returned a couple days ago, to find the place in turmoil, I felt a lot of confusion and sorrow. I hadn't the time or strength to dig very deep, but I did see a little. This thread here is very insightful, and I thank you for clearing up this matter to the best of your ability.

I don't intend on leaving. Not at this time. The gossip and venom is easy for me to ignore, as I don't feel it interferes with my personal spiritual path, and only serves as a distraction from my true goal - improvement of myself as a Jedi.

Thank you again for this. I hope to see your posts again soon.

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Thanks for filling us in to the events leading to this juncture. I have to admit I've only been here a week or two and have noticed a dramatic shift on this site in that time.
My guess is that most people are here because they see it adds value to their lives. It is a shame but these sorts of conflicts arise sometimes in every domain of life. Even the closest families have their disagreements.
I am an impartial observer here, a visitor from Jedi Living and a student of Jedi Philosophy so I accept my view counts for little. However I do hope that the people involved can sort out their differences and move on with the mission they set themselves when they chose this path.
The Jedi Path has helped keep me sober and has changed my life for the better over the last three years. That's what its about for me. The veterans and the custodians of the Path have a duty to keep the Jedi movement alive and the community growing. So I wish you luck.
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Thanks for this thread.

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Thank you Steamboat. :)

I would like to share this video for self-reflection purpose:

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