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Registering on the website makes you a Guest. A Temple Member is a legally recognised Jedi of Temple of the Jedi Order. You can only advance through TotJO's ranking system if you are a Temple Member. You do not have to be a Temple Member to participate in discussion or training.

Temple Members here fulfill the following criteria:

  • A belief in the Force. The Force resides within you, surrounds you and flows through you.
  • Acceptance of our teachings and Doctrine. These serve as spiritual guidance for Jedi. You may hold other spiritual convictions along with being a Jedi.
  • A completed Membership Application. To file a membership application, you must be registered at TOTJO for 30 days and also please complete Lesson 2 of the IP and then speak to Rosalyn J via PM

Any Membership Applications from Minors (those under 18) will be deleted.

You are strongly encouraged to read this short article on How to use this Website.

While your rank bar is Guest you will be unable to reply to threads in the Jediism sub-forum. There is an Open Forum for everyone to have discussions in which can be used until your membership application is approved and your rank bar changed to Temple Member.

If you choose to join TotJO then great! From here on out it’s all about learning and commitment. We suggest you introduce yourself and join in with the discussions on the forum, which will also help us get to know you. You could consider updating your profile, upload an avatar, "like", "follow" and "subscribe" to us on FacebookGoogle Plus, Twitter, and YouTube and pay us a visit in Discord chat.