What if God died?

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Streen wrote: Everything came from somewhere, right?

Doesn't that kind of require a somewhere to be there first? If there was no somewheres, then surely anything couldn't have come from a somewhere, could it? If you want to say distinguishable locations have always existed... hmm I'm kind of unsure how to even respond to that. On the one hand I should for sheer consistency inquire just what in particular suggested to you that this is so. But on the other hand, knowing that you are presenting the cosmological argument in the form that assumes things like space are not past-eternal, I'm kind of also tempted to just watch you shoot yourself in the foot with that line alone...

There had to be a single source from which reality itself had to come into existence. (emphasis added)

Why? What's the reason it had to have been a single source as opposed to, say, multiple ones, or, for that matter, none at all?

How does existence exist?

How can it not? What's the alternative, non-existing existence? That sounds like a contradiction in terms to me. It wouldn't be existence, if it didn't exist, would it? What does a state of affairs look like where there is no existence? A state like that can't exist, anyway, because there isn't any existence in it, or am I misunderstanding something?

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07 Dec 2021 15:09 #364549 by ZealotX
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The question was "What if there was a God..." so in this scenario, the literal existence of a creator God in this equation is taken as a hypothetical given.

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For-Emris wrote: Many Christians I know say: "everything is by the will of God."
If everything is according to the will of God, then the existence of the world without him is impossible - if God died, his will would also die.

But let's remember about such a religion as "deism". In accordance with it, God created the world, but no longer interferes with what is happening here. In this case, the death of God would not affect at all what is happening in this world ...

Does "everything" in that quote include God? If everything exists by God's will then nothing could exist because God himself could not exist without his own will creating him and thus his will could not exist without his existence separate from will. If he, God, can exist without his will then why couldn't anything, and therefore everything else?

So I think the link between the death of God and the death of creation isn't well reasoned. But of course, the same thinking would have to justify the existence of evil as God's will and thus all the evil that has ever happened in God's will so therefore why would/should he save anyone from what he has himself willed? But of course this is a contradiction from the statement "God is good".

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