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24 Feb 2020 16:40 #349995 by Lumella

Carlos.Martinez3 wrote:

Lumella wrote:

Carlos.Martinez3 wrote: We dont treat eachother well , that is obvious , we see it where we live , work ,here, online. The solution is easy but hard at the same time , we should connect to eachother , we should not greet people with "i hope you find what you are looking for here" But with the words " Good to see you here , we learn from eachother here , dont be afraid to connect "

Maybe it’s time for a change

How would that take shape? Its all good it slowly sinking in but in the end we are all confronted with the question " What shall we do now ? " :) The biggest changes come from within, our Soul being in trouble, our hearts growing cold. Heels dug in the sand....becoming aware.

And that’s part of the big question hu... how do we have peace where we didn’t before ? How do we cultivate that ? That’s for each of us to decide that in my opinion. What’s even bigger than that one question is how we actively make that or do that while still living in this world with these other people. Joking of course a tad but can we function while others function- not like us? I found the biggest change in character came from seeking without those lines and labels.
Teaching #4 is my bread and butter some day’s butter side down. (See Dr Seuss for that reference.)

Digging in the sand looks different for every one. Don’t forget. This - should be as common and well... yea ... every style is different - has to be. Not such a common thought amongst Modern day Jeddist hu? Maybe that is where we can apply said hammer ...

If there was not so much at stake i would just let things run their course really , almost always the bad used to flush out , but not online/ What a friend told me stuck with me , hit me right in the heart , when i mentioned to her that hearts were growing cold she answered that instead of taking action we turn even more inward and feel we have to defend ourselves. But with all the lies being told to us its hard to see the right thing. For so many people that is titles and good jobs , big house , car etc..

I would like to see warm hearts , deep conversations , warm choccy milk , smiles when someone is insulting us realising they are only showing a part of themselves , i would like people arms wide open , free ?

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