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Any thoughts on how to make my Toshiba laptop that runs on Windows 7 faster ?

03 Dec 2019 18:07 #346662 by ZealotX
It's your RAM.

check and see if its upgradable beyond the 2GB.

The problem is that everything you do uses memory. A big chunk of memory is already used by the OS. This is why old school Windows used to unload the OS and use DOS in order to run a lot of the programs. And with features always being added to the OS it also means more resources. And you can forget about any sort of adobe product. A lot of companies add features and expect you to upgrade to keep up with them. Even websites... back in the day, websites were smaller because internet speeds were slower than slow. Faster sites can still have content that takes longer to load, stream, or whatever. But, even if you have the bandwidth, it still has to be loaded in memory. And if you're using multiple browser tabs... well then you need even more. Android has better memory management, but normally that sacrifices some performance. But honestly, if someone gives you a laptop in 2019 with only 2GB RAM its because its nearly worthless as a computer, no offense. And its not worth bending your own usage around it to get around the memory issue. Even if you use more of your hard drive as memory, accessing it is much slower than real RAM. If your OS is having to dip into your hard drive for short term storage, a solid state drive will definitely help, and also defragmenting that drive will help. But at this point the gain you get from this may not be noticeable enough for me to say its a laptop worth keeping.

minimum for windows 7
1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)

this is just minimum for the OS, not everything you could possibly run on top of it. So the closer you are to the minimum the more performance is going to suffer.

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