An intro to Jeddism - OB1 Kenobi

16 Oct 2019 22:03 #344488 by Kobos
So I saw this idea in another thread and decided to jump on it while it's on my mind. Props out to ZealotX, Brick, Fyxe and OB1Shenobi!

So, I want to start with OB1 because of he is quite literally the first Jedi we meet!

When we first meet OB1 he is an old man in hiding, haunted by his past, but watching over a future he is afraid of.

As "A New Hope" progresses OB1 either by purpose or by consequence is forced to face this reality. He meets Luke somehow Luke is mixed up in a path that will lead to his father. The very future that Ob1 feared. So, he does the only thing he can, he faces it knowing it will happen regardless at this point. So he begins by teaching Luke about the Force. He works mainly on instilling the basics and a focus very clearly on the light side. Going as far as to convince Luke that his father was killed by a Jedi that fell to the dark-side. This little detail is important when we take into account his quote about perspective. “Luke, you’re going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.” / “The truth is often what we make of it; you heard what you wanted to hear, believed what you wanted to believe.”

This idea helps define Jeddism to me, when we look at Jeddism as we practice, we are looking first at peeling away and slowly bringing ourselves as Jedi away from the perspective based reality towards at minimum the existence of an objective reality. Which OB1 does have and is made clear he understands in these quotes and in his actions with Luke.

Finally we get to the point where we have the OB1 vs Vader fight. To me this moment is OB1 accepting the future that is objectively going to happen. He accepts it by lowering his saber. When he does this he accepts the inevitable, Luke has been exposed to Vader if only for a second and it brings forth the idea that they will cross paths again. Well OB1 was in the desert living as a hermit he was in a state of belief that this future was avoidable, but through the course he accepts it is not. He drops his regret and knows now that taking his place in the Force is more beneficial than his continuing teaching Luke in a physical state. This is why we still see him telling Luke to trust his feelings on the way to the destruction of the Deathstar. In this moment during the final scenes of a New Hope he shows you that through the light side he became more powerful than Vader could in his wildest dreams.

To me as a Jeddist I see this myth having this lesson, face your past, because the only this current moment matters, only this action. To, hermit one's self to the past is often only delaying the inevitable and one should not hesitate to act in the moment to make a positive out come, through a series of individual moments, from an uncertain future. Living this way is the ultimate freedom.

Obviously there is way more to OB1 than just A New Hope but this is just my thoughts on him from there, which happens to be my favorite incarnation of OB1. Also these are just my conclusion, my point of view if you will and a part that relates to me for personal reasons. Hopefully some of you guys can pick up the ball and run from here with it, as I am sure many of you are much more knowledgeable about the cannon involved here. There is a lot more to the myth than I have written out here.

Note: I out this in Misc. discussions in order to engage with those who may not be members yet.

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17 Oct 2019 01:37 #344492 by Trillcherek
I like this its a good example of a starwars myth. good lesson from what the movies have to offer.

May the force be one with you.
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17 Oct 2019 02:00 #344496 by Kelrax Lorcken
Replied by Kelrax Lorcken on topic An intro to Jeddism - OB1 Kenobi
Obi Wan :P OB1 is part of a theory that he was somehow a clone the whole time :P This was a good entry, thank you! I hope to contribute someday soon

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17 Oct 2019 03:57 #344499 by Fyxe
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I dont think his plan was to avoid the past or the future. They hid the babies for the reason of using them to go after their father when they were old enough, this is the new hope. The secret that obi wan protected all those years. The droids are the ones that set things in action early I think. I think the lesson to this is patience and also taking advantage of the opportunity.

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17 Oct 2019 05:30 #344500 by Rex
Prequel and sequel obi wans are irreconcilable.

He's avoiding conflict the entire time in A New Hope, whether he's slinking around avoiding imperials or giving Like dodgy answers.

I'm unconvinced by Disney's attempt to retcon everyone as more capable than they are. I actually find a very human (read often wrong) Obi Wan more compelling

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17 Oct 2019 14:50 #344522 by Fyxe
Replied by Fyxe on topic An intro to Jeddism - OB1 Kenobi
Plus Obiwan had mastered death and so he knew when he was going to die. So he was just waiting for the time to hone the weapons of the twins to a sharp edge so they could take out the master bad guys! I think all the force sensitives were hunted down and killed as a policy right. The inquisitors did that so it was not like obiwan could build a new Jedi group. He had to keep the power of the kids secret.

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17 Oct 2019 20:57 #344557 by Amaya
For me when OB1 allows vader to kill him, he does so to manipulate Lukes feelings.
I always thought it was a great way to ensure that Luke saw Vader in a certain way.
A lot of that movie was manipulating the characters into viewing others from a narrow perspective.
He took Luke Vader had killed his father
He could of told him that his father became Vader after falling to the dark side.
He chose to allow Luke to see one way.

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