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05 Sep 2019 17:21 #343333 by Kobos
So, for those of us who follow the doctrine here we have a reflection focus each month, these often become the inspiration for sermons. But, it crossed my mind that maybe we should look as a whole community at these ideas and share our opinions and thoughts together in one big ole pool of thought.

This month's reflection is: Iniquity, yet Justice

What's your guys thoughts?

I am going to ask that even if we have conflicting opinions and ideas that we remain respectful to each other as fellow Human Beings.

Much Love, Respect and Peace,

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05 Sep 2019 19:54 #343347 by Brick
'Justice executed is a joy to the righteous, but a terror to the workers of iniquity'

Much of The Code in our Doctrine here revolves around opposites in the obvious sense, ie 'Ignorance, yet Knowledge' or 'Chaos, yet Harmony', and think this is often why people confuse the meaning behind it.

The thing I like about 'Iniquity, yet Justice' is that, yes they are opposites in the traditional sense but, one is also the answer to the other one. I think when most people think of 'justice' these days, they think of the Justice System. The system we have in place to deal with the iniquitous actors in our society. Assuming the Justice System actually executes justice that is...

'I have loved justice and hated iniquity: therefore I die in exile.' - Pope Gregory VII

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06 Sep 2019 20:41 #343408 by Tmattos93
Life is one giant cluster of contradiction. Opposition is required for understanding, a foundation of comparison is essential to developing a clearer image, and every perspective is a piece of a puzzle - one aspect of that bigger picture.

Iniquity: immoral or grossly unfair behavior.
Justice: just behavior or treatment; Just: based on or behaving according to what is morally right and fair.

In order for justice to exist the mere idea of iniquity must also exist, and vice-versa. All existence is multi-faceted; it is impossible to have a one-sided coin. This is the natural order! However, to maintain or conserve the natural order we must take it upon ourselves to constantly work towards balance.

With 7 billion people on this planet, we have 7 billion unique perspectives of morality, of right and wrong. With that inevitably comes the notion of iniquity, and so justice (or the pursuit of justice) follows. Morality and righteousness are essential to achieve peace and order. A world drunk and drowning in iniquity will destroy itself, without question.

Hate appears to be commonplace, from what I experience day-to-day. Those with excess and plenty seem to accumulate while those with little or nothing continue to lose out. There are anomalies, certainly, but too often I witness those who seek to erase the other side of the coin.

I believe balance is the key. Doing what we can not to take down the "mighty", but to uphold the "weak"; Not "turning the tables", but instead "leveling the playing field." As individuals, we have this in our power, and through our daily actions we face opportunities to strive towards balance and encourage others to do the same. I elect to be part of the solution, not the problem.

Subjective truth is what governs society, an agreed upon system of morality as it is defined by the perspective of an overwhelming majority. Some people will have to find acceptance and/or compromise if their minority perspective differs, and it is their right and responsibility to work with others to seek opportunity to generate change if they feel justice is not being served; however, I don't think this is acceptable if their means constitute the use of violence or hatred. Again, all things in balance: There is no Chaos, there is Harmony.

As the wind blows and bends a sapling so it must grow a new limb to achieve balance breaking, it's reach to the sun thusly extended and allowing it to further develop. As time goes by, and more limbs and branches appear, the limbs and branches will grow leaves. The leaves will fall as times change, when their growth is unsustainable and unimportant to the tree's central growth, at its core.

So must we be. Grow new limbs, extend our reach, expand our understanding, shed old thinking and ideas to maintain balance when they are no longer conducive to fruitful growth.

Perfection is impossible, but peace is obtainable when we work towards balance. Iniquity is inevitable as the world exists today, but justice will always be our tool on the path to peace; so long as justice remains constructive rather than destructive.

May The Force Be With You All!

- Travis
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