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11 Oct 2018 23:39 #327811 by Kobos
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Hey everyone!

So there has been some upheaval, fear and mistrust going on recently. It has caused some well known members to back down, others to abandon completely. With all of this in mind and having spent some time reading threads from the past in order to try and learn some things that I may have missed from before I was here, I think I can see one thing that might help. Is there a way anyone would be willing to share some of the procedures that go into certain things? Below is a short list that may be helpful in alleviating some tension, helping members understand why things happen and bring us all closer to an understanding of running an organization such as this. Yes, some is spelled out in the FAQ but a more detailed explanation might help, it's just an idea.

Disciplinary action
Lesson writing
Discussion moderation
Site maintenance
Thread locking
Outside public relations
Internal relations
Meeting protocols
Voting rules

I am sure there will be other topics people will want know too but I figure this is a good way to start. I hope someone in higher positions will take this seriously as these understandings will help alleviate a lot of discord before it begins. If you feel this is a bad idea or out of line please PM me and then we can discuss removing this thread.

Much Love, Respect and Peace,

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