Jedi Cantina 12th of August 2018

02 Aug 2018 14:17 #324744 by Arisaig
Hey all!

Last Jedi Cantina was great! So many people showing up!

So, thinking next Cantina will be the same time as last (20h00 UTC) on the 12th of August. Gives us a bit more time between them to clear our schedules and get some of our new people in!

For our new people, this is a great time to meet other Jedi over on our unofficial Discord server, ask questions, have a few laughs, get deep and serious, et cetera. But mostly, just to have a good time and chill with fellow Jedi. :D

I look forward to this one!

May the Force continue to guide you.

Non nocere, sed ut nullum cacas.
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