Items carrying Ghosts...the darkside.

06 Jun 2018 00:44 #322410 by Eleven
I had the task today of cleaning out our spare bedroom today. We're working with CPS currently to try and get guardianship over my newborn nephew (long story) so, we needed to clean up my spare bedroom to make it suitable for my nephew if CPS will allow us to keep him.

A lot of it was old junk we didn't need I tossed most of it, An old bed for guests couldn't use it anywhere else had to scrap it, lastly my sister things.

For those of you who were around me when my sister was living with us and eventually her departure. My Sister has had some serious problems over the last decade and out of respect for her I won't go into detail. But, I placed most of in my pickup for junkyard beings my sister hasn't spoken to me much in the last two years and hasn't come to get it either.

I just so happen to see an old sweatshirt of hers, one that she commonly wore often growing up. I was immediately drawn to it based off nostalgia but, as I gazed at it gathering my full attention toward it...i begin to feel...darkness, and unsettling feeling, uncomfortable...i felt it coming from the sweatshirt, I quickly grabbed hold of it and clinched my eyes shut. I was immediately filled with an overwhelming surge of fear, depression, sorrow, pain, suffering...i suddenly felt what my sister had felt...all these years it shot up my arm it literally hurt me physically I can still feel it. I saw a vision of my sister a cry of terror, her pain, suffering, fear I opened my eyes in horror of what I felt. I placed the item down and couldn't quite believe what just happened. I went out and did something else while recovering from the situation. I came back to it again and wanted to see if I would happen again if I touched it...a fool I did it again...once again felt it surge into me again the same feelings...I knew The dark side of The Force. I am not role-playing or anything I know what I felt but, I begun to think can some items carry their owners spirit? Or, certain energies contained within a certain item for example my sister's favorite sweatshirt? Was intresting...very indeed. Thoughts if anyone has one.

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06 Jun 2018 04:35 #322418 by Gisteron
I don't see a reason why ghosts would pick shirts over, say, pants, or any number of other items she would have worn or carried with her or just generally owned. But I'm no ghost, as far as I know, so mayhaps I just have difficulty to empathize with them.
While we're on it, empathy may be the root of these occurrences. You think that she used to be in pain back in the day, and now that you are being reminded of those times, you feel with your memory of her. I think it's all in your head, real though the contents of our heads often appear to us. See maybe if someone else reacts anything like that to this shirt, without explicitly asking them whether they "feel anything" about it.

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