Why not talk about it? (TED Talk)

14 May 2018 14:33 - 14 May 2018 14:38 #321622 by Vusuki
Sometimes... I'm optimistic about my/your/our future. I stumbled across this and wanted to share it here because... Sometimes we post things here that others take offence at, or vice versa.


It's quite an outgoing method but if you feel you could why not ask the person to talk with you directly rather than post *at* one another? I'd like to repeat what Dylan said...

"This is not a prescription for activism. I understand that some people don't feel safe talking to their detractors and others feel so marginalized that they justifiably don't feel that they have any empathy to give. I totally get that. This is just what I feel well-suited to do."


Another idea I've stumbled across is a website called Kialo.com which I think is a good tool for discussion .It's a debating/discussion platform and for groups with lots of different ideas it could be useful for some of us, :) Check it out, and see what you think, :)

Anyway, have a merry day, :dry:

P.s. this is in the wrong section sorry- can someone (admin?) move it to general discussions for me? Thanks
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