Darren Resignation: Associate Pastor, Assistant Librarian-April 21, 2017

20 Jun 2017 02:29 #288056 by Rosalyn J
Posted here with Darren's permission:

Darren wrote: I do not want to go into particulars, but I have come to a point where I have to prioritize; and at this time, I am not able to perform the duties required of the offices I hold. I thank the order for the opportunity, and I hope that whomever comes next to those positions does well, and finds their service rewarding.

As for everything else... I will remain a Knight and a member of the clergy, but I will be away for a while, perhaps still working the DQS, but certainly not taking an apprentice for some time. It may be an outdated term now, but I would consider myself on a 'leave of absence.' Those who may want to reach me still can.

Pax Per Ministerium
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