Offices Announcement Record

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The records of who has been granted the new responsibility of each office can be found in this sub-forum.

How the Title Works

[name of person], [office], [type of announcement], [year the event was declared in]

Each part is comma separated.

Type - Granted is the person being granted an office.
Type - Resignation is the person resigning from an office.

If more than one person is being included in the title then their information will be separated by a '-' after the year date.

If someone is resigning from all of the offices they hold at a particular time then the 'office' section will be listed as 'All Offices'.

For purposes of record keeping this is not a comprehensive list, you should consult the FaQ for who is currently occupying which office.

Sometimes ceremonies and their announcements might include clerical promotions. Where one post includes both they are included here.

All old office and resignation posts have been moved here and had their titles, but not their contents, updated accordingly.

Contact a member of the Council for queries/corrections/suggestions.

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