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Dzedka wrote: I've been studying this for ages, let me share a bit of what I've gathered.

Great, let's here it. I haven't been studying it pretty much at all, let's see if you understand it enough to have anyone else learn from you. :)

In case you guys don't have an hour... another hour... pitch and rhythm are both rhythm. Pitch is just very fast rhythm that creates the illusion of tone,...

Oh, already false... This didn't take long. No, a pitch is is pretty much just a logarithmic scaling of the inverse period duration of a pressure function of time. The periodicity is crucial here. A rhythm can be any point distribution in time, it can be completely irregular, and speeding it up will not result in a pitch. If not all of the frequencies layered in your tone are powers of two of each other, then the tone does not have one, but multiple pitches, as many as are required to reconstruct all the frequencies involved. However, if you slow any one of them down and omit the others, you will be throwing most of the rhythm away that way. A tone has any number of pitches, but only one rhythm. At the same time, only periodic rhythms can be sped up into tones (as opposed to noise).

... thus steady notes at steady rhythms stack fractally. Or whatever term you want to use for that, exponentially.


I'm going to finally stop judging and give Trance music a chance. Maybe they're onto something, I'll report back with my findings - genuine scientific study; where you get off google, sit down and try for yourself. It's good to remember we can still use the old scientific method instead of paying rich people to do it for us.

I agree. Instead of trusting woosters, just gather a couple thousand people (preferably not volunteers, since that would be a biased sample), at least a few hundred more for control, and subject them to different types of trance music tunes for several hours a day over several months. Monitor their habits, nutrition, all kinds of medical metrics, hire therapists to monitor their mental states, too, and learn enough about all of the subjects involved to be making any kind of judgement from the data gathered by the end of it all. I'm looking forward to reading your publication.

If there are effects in these vibrations, inherent qualities to these universal frequencies, it would be cool to know about them.

Yes, it would be. Alas, we do not. But some are happy to claim it anyway, because they wouldn't let some pesky facts stop them from lying to their fellow man.

I, personally, just use the vibration gauge as a reference for what fits for me and my feelings. I keep my house at like 65 degrees.

How is that any kind of vibration?

maybe you associate annoyance with 2984Ghjz [sic] while someone else feels peace there.

I doubt it. Nobody can either hear or see a frequency of some 3THz. I'm not sure mechanical vibrations that high either exist, but they couldn't be felt by any of us if they did. At most I suppose it could be possible that electromagnetic radiation of that frequency would feel slightly warm seeing as it is right within the infrared region.

Please associate as many good things as you can to symbols in your life, regardless of universal quality,...

Of course! However...

... no one benefits from science telling you not to be healed by the power of music however the hell you choose to...

Science is not in the business of telling people what to do and what not to do. It can however discover under what conditions what effects are to be expected. And yes, actually, plenty people benefit from listening when time and again gravity shows to make no exceptions for those who believe they are from Krypton, when time and time again diluting herbs in ludicrous amounts of water shows no increase in the potion's efficacy and when time and time again music fails to show any magical properties. A lot of people who listen think again before jumping off a bridge in the hopes of flying off into the skies, and consult with medical professionals in place of charlatans when they have serious ailments to deal with.

... studies get proven wrong every single day, that's why we have so many new studies, I think we should all have some faith and maybe try to music as a language and experience rather than an object.

Scientific studies don't get proven wrong at all. What can happen is that there are flaws in the procedure discovered, or a broader sample revealing new trends or that trends observed in earlier studies are coincidental. What never happens is that the pseudo-science brigade has anything to do with those corrections. The only way to clean up bad science is with more science, not with all "having some faith" instead. No, it would be foolish to trust data blindly or wholeheartedly (i.e. have faith in it), and one can easily end up having been wrong even for believing things with good justification. There is no perfect cure for our fallibility. But the solution to bad information or poor thinking surely cannot be the cessation of all information and thinking altogether.

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In the the context of frequancy Dzedka probably meant periodic rhythm, and remember music is different to sound. The former references emotions as an act of perception, and is much less easily quantified and varies between individuals. Though state of mind does influence health to some tangible degree, it would surely have limits. Buyer beware, scammers are everywhere. But as the Meditatin forum it is a good place for people to talk about what they do and how it makes them feel..... or believe.
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