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03 Jan 2018 20:43 #310919 by
Hey guys,

Some time ago I got this meditation from the force. Someone asked me to give him a meditation and I just wrote this one down without thinking what I was writing. It just came naturally to me. I thought this one could be good for some of you.

Just a few words about Visualization: if I ask people can you visualize most of them say no or I'm not sure. But visualization is very easy what is meant here is not to form a clear image in front of your eyes but more like to form that kind of image/feeling when you try to picture something. Lets say think of an orange that's good enough. Everybody can do it. Its more about the feeling than the seeing. I hope you understand what I mean.

First you have to make yourself comfortable and make sure that your environment is quiet too. If you want, you can take a special item (necklace, stone, etc.) in your hand and charge it with energy which will help you for the next time.

The meditation:
*Get in a comfortable position, close your eyes and breathe some times deeply.
*Please ensure that you breathe with your stomach.
*When you feel yourself ready to start say aloud the mantra OM, three times.

*Now imagine a big field, go along the way between the high grass.
*Follow this way until you come to a really big tree which is a surrounded by a river.
*Try to imagine everything in the best detail as you can.
*This is your energy tree.
*Now go to the tree and put your hands on its skin.
*Imagine that the energy from the universe goes into your head through your heart, arms and hands in the tree.
*The universal energy goes down to the roots of the trees.
*You can see the whole way down to the roots, the circles they make and so on.
* Now from the bottom of the roots your energy goes up.
* It goes back up through all the circles until it runs through the trunk through the branches, until the leaves.
* Feel exactly the way the energy goes.
* When you reach the leaves, follow the flow backwards into the trunk.
* From there, the energy goes back to the skin and much more strongly back to your hands, arms and to the heart of you.
* After this you're fully loaded with energy.
* After you feel the energy, say thanks to the tree and turn around.
* In front of the tree, there is a nice place to sit with pillows and stuff like this.
* Imagine this however you like it the most.
* After you sit down, you see in front of you a cup of tea.
* Drink it and when the tea arrives in your stomach try to stop with the thinking.
* The way for you to do this is watch your thinking.
* If thoughts come, watch and accept them and let them go. Like you would do if you were swimming in thoughts. You move them slowly slowly away. In the middle there will be the silence.
*You will feel it, if you try long enough.
*When you are in this silence, try to stay there. You will feel it. Stay there. And when your thoughts come again, start again. Watch them, accept them and let them go.
*Do this as long you can. Lets say for the beginning about 10 minutes.
*After you stop doing this, stand up from your pillow (still in meditation) and say thanks to the tree and all others who were there but you just didn't see.
*After that, you go the same way you came in at the beginning, back to your physical body.
*When you're back, move your hand over your head and say again the mantra,"OM", 3 times.
*If you have some item in your hand you can touch it to the third eye or brow center to load it with energy.
*After this, the meditation is finished and you can open your eyes and move your physical body again.

I hope my explanation is easy for you. Read the text a few times, until you can memorize it easily. If you forget something in the meditation, it is not so big a problem. But, try to remember everything. Also don't be too serious. It should be fun.

I hope everything is clear. If not just ask me. If you would make any change, please feel free to tell me. But, also tell me why, so I can understand it.

If you want to use this meditation or give it to another person, feel free to do so

Wishing you all the best

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04 Jan 2018 14:42 #310997 by
Thank You White Monkey. Do You Just act as a channel here or do you have sonething specific to tell us about this meditation? For example, what did it bring you or your friend? Is it just a matter of creating a safe place to recharge before meditating or is there more to it?

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05 Jan 2018 18:01 #311172 by
This meditation affects your whole body and its energetic system. By the roots you get grounded and by the branches you connect yourself to the force.

Some people I shared this with got good results in quieting their mind cause of the calming and grounding intro.

Actually I made a series of this meditation, all came to me in the 10 days before the 21.12.12, and I wrote them down without difficulties. Its a short pathwork/visual meditation. Its uses this place to start and then adds more and more tools for understanding :)

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05 Jan 2018 18:12 #311175 by
Thanks white one. It is a nice place indeed I will try it when I have time!

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