Galdr Chanting and Meditating on Runes

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This practice is similar in nature to a recent post by JLSpinner . In the Teutonic tradition, there are certain "words of power" which are usually represented by the Elder Futhark runes:

Elder Futhark runes and their names:

Each of them has their own traditional purpose, attributes, or nature, and some of the symbols themselves are of symbolic importance. For example, the "Uruz" rune is supposed to represent the horns of the aurochs, which was an animal similar to the modern cow. It happened to be used as a form of currency, a common bartering item, so the Uruz rune is sometimes representative of wealth.

Reading about the runes can aid in meditating on them. I recommend Teutonic Magic by Kveldulf Gundarsson if you'd like to read a book about it, but information can be found online easily about the runes and their traditional meanings.

Galdr chanting is a specific form of meditation on the runes which may be understood as a kind of invocation. By chanting the sound that the rune represents ("Oooo" for Uruz, representative of the "U" sound) or the name of the rune at a tone which you feel vibrates well with it (traditionally a kind of throat-chanting would be used as it's easier to feel vibrations that way, but it isn't necessary to do it that way), it is believed that you draw on the power of that rune or that part of its nature becomes increasingly intertwined with yours. So, chanting our example rune, Uruz, is thought to help guide you with your wealth if that is your focus.

In truth, it may just be that these are the effects of the runes because it is what we associate them with. If we were to associate green rabbits with learning, meditating on green rabbits might help us study. In any case I have found this system of practice to be effective. Chanting Galdr can bring me into a very deep state of meditation at times, and for the more musically oriented Jedi out there it may be worth practicing.
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