Meditation Phone Apps

13 Feb 2018 13:39 #315500 by Enoch
Enoch replied the topic: Meditation Phone Apps
Interesting idea with the VR headset integrated into a meditation app. I may consider that in the future.

I have used Headspace and Calm regularly in the past but liked Calm a little better, partially because they have a daily meditation so it was always new. Another app series I found that isn't necessarily listed as a meditation app are the self-hypnosis apps by Andrew Johnson. The first ~ 20 minutes is a meditation / relaxation exercise while the last ~ 20 minutes is the hypnosis part. I'm not entirely convinced the hypnosis did anything for me but the first 20 minutes guides me into the deepest meditation I've ever been in. I've tried the stress reduction one and the confidence one and both were similar in my experience.

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