7777 (Short Breathing Meditation)

15 Jul 2017 23:29 #291045 by Kit
Very simple meditation I was taught by my Mental Health provider.

Breathe in slowly for seven seconds
Hold your breath for seven seconds
Slowly breath out for seven seconds
Repeat for a total of seven times

I find this useful when I need a short break, or need to calm down from a panic attack or work stress.
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  • tach980
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07 Aug 2017 19:32 #295470 by tach980
Replied by tach980 on topic 7777 (Short Breathing Meditation)
I heard of a similar technique from a psychologist a few years back: it was mostly the same, but focused on how to breath rather than the periods and repetitions.

I use it like you Kit, for high-stress moments, if I need to focus in a single thing or if I'm coming back home from work, to make a break before arriving home.

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  • stark07911
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11 Nov 2017 08:18 #305874 by stark07911
Replied by stark07911 on topic 7777 (Short Breathing Meditation)
It's very similar to the very first breathing technique I ever learned back in 2000 called The Calming Breath. The only difference was that it was a count of four rather than seven, and there was an added four second breathing pause after breathing out, creating an almost mechanical cycle of steadily flowing air.

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