Jedi Challenge From Dec. 21st 2017 to Oct 31st 2018.

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Jedi Challenge From Dec. 21st 2017 to Oct 31st 2018.
As we all know training in Jedi Realism, or Jediism should be a well rounded as Jedi we focus on the mind, body spirit connection and this years challenge is focused on that aspect.

The body
This years challange is going to continue the same as last year but more intense for those doing it for year two. Rather or not your goal is to make some gains or make some lesses set the goal and find a workout program to help you out. If you have need some help with this aspect we can certainly find people who will be willing to offer advice but be mindful that the advise is not professional advice.

The Mind
For this year we are only focusing on 4 books and those books will be fairly inexpensive if you use the kindle app on your phone laptop or tablet. (Keep in mind even inexpensive tables from Walmart can use the kindle app. In truth I think you can pick up this list for around $30 which is not bad at all. I would like to make these books a book club that can meet up over Skype once a month to discuss our thoughts and and we feel these books are great resources for Jedi Realist or why these books should not be considered as recommended reading.
If you choose to be part of the monthly discussions or not I will at least advice you to also get out a binder, paper and pens and take notes from these books about things that you really find useful for a Jedi realist to know and ways that you are gong to adapt these teachings into your own path.

The books are
1. The Jedi Compass by Ally Thompson
2. Living the Martial Way by Forrest F Morgan
3. The Warrior Lifestyle "Making your life extraordinary" by Bodhi Sanders
4. Rules for a Knight by Ethan Hawke

The Spirit
We are asking everyone to do at least 10 minutes 3 to 4 days a weeks on meditation or reflects. There are a number of great daily reflections books on the market such as 365 Tao, or Bow to life but others things such as Our Daily Bread for the christian Jedi will do just fine and we are also advising Ally's reflection card deck that she will be speaking about shortly.
If you have any questions about this challenge please be sure to contact me. Also be mindful that you will see this posted at several Jedi Realist Groups and this group is open to everyone in the Jedi Realist Community.

There will be some bonus lessons out there from the Jedi Templar point of view on Jedi Realist Radio and I will also be holding Reiki Classes over Skype this year. That will be a weekly hour long discussion over skype for those interested. I will only be taking 5 people per class sessions so please only sign up if you can give it the time and effort that is required. Per the Reiki classes and Jedi Templar those programs will not have fees as part of them.

If you have any questions about this years challenge please let me know.

This years Jedi Studies/Training has been dropped by the Jedi Templar Facebook Page.

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