Attention apprentices!

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Attention apprentices! was created by Zero
If you currently hold the rank of apprentice, then this message is for you. Our temple is in need of apprentices to help with the IP team. As an ip team member you would read journals and preform the initial check. You would be checking for completion and making sure they got the point of the lesson. Example- for the hero’s journey lesson. If instead of writing 500 words about the Campbell film, the poster writes 40 words about why Darth Vader sucks, then we message the user and let them know what the knights expect for that lesson. Yes there is a lil more to it than that but we can get to that later.

If your interested in joining the IP team, please either respond to this post or pm me directly. We get new members every day and new apprentices once in a blue moon, So we are grossly outnumbered and your help would be greatly appreciated.

The following user(s) said Thank You: FTPC, Skryym, Rex, Diana W

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