Appropriation and How to Avoid it

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24 Oct 2020 22:07 #355610 by Eqin Ilis
Appropriation and How to Avoid it was created by Eqin Ilis
This might seem like a silly question, but I'm still a little new to dealing with the topic.

How is the best way to research which things are appropriation?

Currently, I'm trying to train myself to remember to look into things that are new to me and find their origins. Then I try to google that culture and their thoughts on the topic. It's not a very expedient method, and sometimes I fail to find anything. In those moments, I'm left to wonder if my search was poorly worded or if there really is no problem. So in the interest of working smarter, not harder: What methods do you use?

I am not interested in answers from those who do not actively attempt to go out of their way to avoid it.

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