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07 Mar 2010 09:57 #29186 by Br. John
Jarin - Healing was created by Br. John
I received this PM a couple of hours ago:


this is jarin\\\' s father...he asked me to log on and let you know that he is currently in the hospital with swine flu,chronic bronchitis,and borderline pneumonia all at the same time...He i pretty bad hape and I\\\'m not ure if he\\\'ll recover or not. He asked me to let you know so that the temple could include him in their prayer,blessings,etc. and said he desperately misses all of you and can\\\'t wait to return once he\\\'s feeling better.Please let everyone know what is going on with him and ask for their bet wishes etc on hi behalf. I\\\'ll check back to his inbox occasionally for any messages to be relayed to him.

Thank you

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07 Mar 2010 18:05 #29188 by RyuJin
Replied by RyuJin on topic Jarin - Healing
wow...that must be why he was trying to get a hold of someone in the shoutbox...swine flu is pretty serious by itself, no doubt even worse when coupled with the others...i'll keep him in my thoughts

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08 Mar 2010 03:08 #29189 by RedHeron
Replied by RedHeron on topic Jarin - Healing
He's definitely included in my prayers. All three of those at once, though... ouch. It's a tough path to recovery! Although, I'm not sure anyone ever fully recovers from bronchitis.

Pneumonia might be an opportunistic infection from having bronchitis and swine flu at the same time.

Having known someone who had swine flu last year, it's not anything to really mess with, but it's seemed to mellow out just a little since the outbreak a year ago.

Even so, I'm sending healing Jarin's way.

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08 Mar 2010 09:23 #29191 by Zanthan Storm
Replied by Zanthan Storm on topic Jarin - Healing
He shall be in my meditations and prayers as well.

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08 Mar 2010 13:51 #29194 by Charmaynard
Replied by Charmaynard on topic Jarin - Healing
I've just joined the site, so I haven't gotten to know Jarin well yet, but I will keep in my thoughts during meditation. May The Force Be With Him.

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