Let us pray for Haiti!

15 Jan 2010 16:17 #27873 by Jon
Let us pray for Haiti! was created by Jon

\"Last night I seen my grandmother cry in uncertainty
& to see this image today, it broke my heart.

Level 7 Earthquake has hit Haiti. The country where my family is from. We still have family in Haiti and no word from them yet. Keep us in your prayers.

As if Haiti hasn't gone through enough. The poorest country in the western hemisphere but the first independent black nation. A country with such rich history as well as a poor one. We are strong people, some how some way, we will overcome this and it is for this I pray.\"

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15 Jan 2010 16:33 #27875 by RyuJin
Replied by RyuJin on topic Let us pray for Haiti!
this is definately a major tragedy that will affect alot of people.

i deliver newspapers and i've seen some of the other images far more upsetting. they need alot of help. there are numerous text donation lines set up to donate funds to help, as well as several websites. be cautious when donating and make sure it's a legitimate set up, those that can should help in any way possible.

on a related matter...rush limbaugh...this guy needs to be taken off the air...saying the only reason obama is giving aid is because it will give him political points with minorities....this isn't the first time that this closet racist has made comments like this....he feels that we should just leave these people to suffer, and that does not sit well with me...obviously he doesn't care about anyone except himself...he epitomizes everything that makes other countries loathe america...racism, sexism, anti-gay, anti-semetic, greedy, selfish....all the bad things in life.

i feel bad for when he finally dies, to know that he will most likely not be mourned because he will have alienated everyone, he will also be taking alot of negative energy with him.

help haiti in anyway you can, pray in whatever religion you have.

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15 Jan 2010 23:34 #27902 by Grom Fett
Replied by Grom Fett on topic Let us pray for Haiti!
This hit me hard cause my best friend is form Haiti and she has alot of family there.

But my school is raising 2000 dollars to help them.

They well all be in my thoughts and prayers.

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15 Jan 2010 23:44 #27904 by XMortis
Replied by XMortis on topic Let us pray for Haiti!
You (as well as all of Haiti) will be in my prayers and thoughts.

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