More then just physical health!

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23 Feb 2009 11:37 #22541 by Anora^una_Ilorn
More then just physical health! was created by Anora^una_Ilorn
There are a variety of ways to heal and even more ways of being Injured. With that said I do not wish to take away from any other posts on this topic but felt this might help some of our members, esp newer members, let go of some things.

So, what are some things that you might regret? Did you do anything today that you regretted. You don't have to say anything if you don't wish to. The only thing i ask you do is write it down here or offline and just let it go knowing that the Force knows what you have done, knows how you feel, and because of this is changing the Universe and yourself to be an even better person.


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23 Feb 2009 12:16 #22543 by ahb132
Replied by ahb132 on topic More then just physical health!
i was kinda horible to a mate in class to day. he is smaller and shy being around others. and i put him on the spot. by making a big deal about when he always looks at me strangly. i am sorry to him, and i send the force to heal the trobles i have caused.

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