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I wanted to open a spot to do craft swaps :3

So here's how I'm thinking this will work. Interested crafters will post in this thread what their skills are, country they live in (to keep an eye on shipping costs) or if they prefer digital goods only (youth will be digital only, sorry!)

To keep things easy to find, I'll edit this first post with a running tally of those involved, linking their name to their post so you can get to their information easily. I'll also list if they are open for trades or closed. When crafters' availability changes, post in this thread stating open or closed, and shipping availability (for example: "US Only" or "Digital Only")

If you're interested in swapping with someone, send them a PM. Decide between yourselves what you're wanting to trade.

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07 Mar 2018 18:10 - 07 Mar 2018 18:13 #317971 by Kit
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I'm in the US

My craft skills are:
knitting, crochet, machine embroidery (including embroidered patches), pyrography, beaded jewelry, sewing, writing, leathercraft, leather tooling, chainmaille, scalemaille, anima fetish (simple clay animal sculpture), bookbinding, vinyl decals, embroidery digitizing, macrame
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Im in canada

My craft skills are: wood working, writing,meditation style makings (i count that as a craft), jewlery making.

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