Liquidating Everything I Own

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When i first discovered Jediism and decided to change a lot of aspect of my life i decided to get rid of all my worldly possessions except the bare minimum. Most of this stuff is just laying around collecting dust and is like new in excellent condition. Im willing to will and deal on anything including shipping. I have plant of vouches on Facebook who have bought stuff from me before and been plenty satisfied. I am even willing to donate a portion of everything i sell to the order. I have about one of everything imaginable.
Flat Screen TV's
Computers and Parts
Hard Drives and Storage
Computer Servers
Electronic Cigarette Stuff
All kinds of Electronics
Raspberry PI 3's
Xbox 360 with games and accessories
Aquarium/Fish tanks, accessories and fish
that's all i can think of off the top of my head but got lots more fill free the message me to talk about specific item, pricing, pictures, ETC...
I prefer PayPal for payments but can discus other methods. May even be willing to discus payment plans on more expensive items. If you can prove your reliable and trustworthy. Also would be willing to trade items for other items. Im very interested in book relating in any way to Jediism and jedi based stuff but must be in excellent condition and would prefer hard covers but would take soft. Fill free to PM me to discuss anything. I will give my Facebook info to anybody who asks to make messaging more convenient

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6 years 2 weeks ago - 6 years 2 weeks ago #301564 by Wescli Wardest
When I was younger I had a very minimalistic/stoic approach to life. I still do to an extent. At least the stoic part LOL
But I discovered that it wasn’t the absence of things that made the real difference. Sure, most Americans just have too much junk. We tend to become obsessed with collecting crap and the newest toy. And most of it is completely unnecessary. And feeding these unhealthy addictions does not fill the void that created them in the first place.

Interestingly enough, getting rid of everything is not going to resolve the underlying issue either. What “worked” for me was when I realized it was not about having stuff or not having stuff. But truly appreciating what I did have. Every time I twist the knob on the sink I am grateful that I have running water. Or when it rains and I am setting indoors dry and comfortable. What a blessing. The hammer and tools I use to build new things… I am so fortunate to have them and they serve such a noble purpose.

Things I don’t appreciate, sure, let’s let those go. But it’s not that having less is the key. But rather having what you need and can appreciate and actually wanting the things you do have.
I don’t know if that made any sense LOL :laugh:

One thing I felt I needed to let go was my military medals. One evening, years ago, I realized that I was stuck holding on to the past. And a symbol of that past for me was my military service. Sure that was a major part of my life that gave me experiences but it did not define who I was. And I was letting it do just that. So I felt I needed to let those things go. And I did. I still look back on my military service with fondness. But it no longer has the grip on my life it once did.

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O totally agree and its not that i think getting rid of everything is going to achieve something or get me some were spiritually. It was just right around the same time i realized i didnt need all this crap and decided to sell it. Then the money i get can go into the minimal items i want to keep and to bills and other things were it would make more of a difference instead of wasting a way on a shelf

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