Custom or Bulk TotJO Patch Requests

05 Sep 2015 04:06 #201999 by Kit
Because I am limited on time I decided to put custom orders in a thread and I'll get to them in order as I can between everything else in life :) I can't promise a timeline but I will go in order.

To make a custom or bulk request, please post here with the following information:

1. What color fabric (background)
2. What color thread(s) (or what rank/position you want)
3. What boarder style (Round, oval, rectangle, shield)
4. What design embroidered? (just the logo, or with the stripe)
5. What size? (Small 2" or large 4")
6. How many?
7. Other requirements (such as velcro!) I can even embroider names across the logo on the large ones if you'd like. (will add to cost)

OR you can always go with creator's choice ;) If you need something specific, please give me the details. If you give me a general idea I can pull something together for you!

Payment options (prices calculated to include fees):
Etsy: Small $4.34 Large $6.41
PayPal Invoice: Small $4.38 Large $6.41
PayPal Gift: Small $4.00 Large: $6.00
Cash/Check/Money order: Small $4.00 Large $6.00

And naturally plus shipping. The last two options don't give you any kind of insurance if I don't send the patches to you. The patches CAN travel in the US under a Forever Stamp if you want to send me a per-addressed envelope we can do that route too. There's no tracking with that though.

When I get ready to make your order, I will PM you to make sure you're still interested and still want what was said. Once I make it, I will take pictures and send them to you for you to ok them. I will hang on to them for two weeks (longer if you contact me) for payment. After that you'll have to catch them on the 'random patches' listing on Etsy ;)

I'll "thank" the post once I'm completed with the order and ready to go on to the next one so you can see where I'm at.

Prices may change depending on the fabric or thread you want. Velcro or any other additives will increase the price. I'll let you know the price before I start making your order.
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