Laws Vs. consequence

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As always I'll start this lesson with a story.

Jedi Knight B's report to the Jedi Council

Its been but a months since I agreed to look into the mater on Zera2-L. I have to admit though the people here seem primitive in a lot of ways the surpass our civilized way of life. It would seem that entire population is on edge due to a scandal that has never happened in Zera2-L history. I feel there is a strong lesson here I'll have to listen with new ears.
When I arrived on the green misty planet I greeted as if I had entered a tropical resort. It seems this planet seldom gets any visitors. The locals (Which I will call Zaras) treat any new visitor as royalty. Once I was settled in to my own personal hut, the head chieftain requested that I join him and his family for dinner. Clearly this was to clarify my purpose on their planet. After a few hours of light conversation I told the chieftain that I was here merely as an observer to the conflict on the planet. The chieftain gave me an unexpected reply. He actually welcomed an outside opinion on the matter and asked me to accompany him first thing the next day. At that time he would explain the issue. I returned to my hut for some ,soon to be needed, rest.
The next day I awoke do to a strong living presence. I wasn't startled by but rather slowly energized by it. When I exited my hut if found the chieftain standing there waiting with a smile. He asked that I walk with him and discuss the issues that have burdened his people. He told me that among his people its not uncommon for families to arrange a marriage. I explained that in our culture an arranged marriage would often lead one of the arranged to rebel as they had no say in the matter. His reply was, "Though the marriage was arranged these matters were always agreed upon by all members involved, no one is ever forced into marriage". If thats the case than whats the problem? He went on to say that "The problem is with a different man altogether". It seems that the couple was already married but shortly after the wife fell in love with a younger man. This young man made too many obvious advances and the husband was forced to confront him. Nothing to aggressive was said but the young man didn't take the ultimatum very well. Shortly after he attempted to murder the husband in his sleep but failed.
When I asked where the young man was I was shocked to find out that he's still in his personal hut and hardly even guarded. The young man didn't run away and the husband hasn't tried to retaliate. This is where I learned my first real lesson from the Zaras. Things dont work here like the would in the core world. Laws aren't just absent but they're looked down upon here. I had so many questions that were met with odd replies so I wrote them down as follows...

Q:Why is this young man allowed to live freely in his hut?
A:The man has only shown hostility to the husband, no one else. Meeting him with aggressive action can only be reacted with more aggressive action.

Q: Dont you have a prison where this man could watched? (I had to explain what a prison is)
A: From what we've seen putting some one in a cage only adds to their anxiety. Also taking the control of a mans life would subject us to the same attempted murder that this young man committed. Preventing some one to live is the same as taking some ones life. It could also be worse.

Q: Is this young man aware that he broke a law? (again I had to explain what a law was)
A: From a very young age our people learn that when you do something, something happens. Even if that something is nothing at all. We have understanding, not laws. Laws seem to tell people what they CAN'T do. Our understanding tell us that if we do THAT than THIS will happen.

At this point the chieftain asked if I could answer a few questions for him. His questions were:

Q: These prisons you speak of, do they make people less aggressive?
A: Some times but other times it actually makes people more aggressive.

Q: Do your laws actually prevent people from committing crime?
A: No they basically just punish them for what they've done. We call it justice.

Q: How do you prove is some one's innocent?
A: Most of the time our laws are meant to prove if some ones guilty.

At this point I stopped and asked the big question. "Have you decided what your going to do about this problem?" The chieftain turned and gave me a very puzzled look before replying, "It's not up to me because this isn't my life. Its up to them to decide what to do". "How will they do that?" I asked him.
"Its really simple." "We'll give them one day to decide, if they cant decide in one day than they cant decide. The young man is being guarded by just one guard. It would be easy for him to escape. If he feel so strongly for his lover than he'll go to her. She's also in her hut but left unguarded. If the young man goes to her she'll then have to decide if she wants to run away with the young man or if she wants to be faithful to her husband."
If she goes with the young man they'll both have to leave the tribe in a self imposed exile. Its self imposed because they both now they've gone against the values our culture holds dear. Its the price that is payed for lowering the sanctity of marriage. If they want to stay than the young man, the wife, and the husband will have to accept the consequences."
"What would those be" I asked. "The wife will have to make amends with her husband. The young man will have to regain our peoples trust. Lastly the husband will have to forgive the young man. If they cant do this their all welcome to leave. Thats the choices we've given them. How ever what we wont do is tell them they CANT do something. We also wont take their lives(death penalty) or take their lives from them(prison). This is the way we've always handled these issues and its always worked. We dont lock anything away therefore we dont have thieves. Everything is shared so we dont have greed. This also means that no one is better off than any one else. If we're happy its because we're all happy, if we're sad its because we're all sad, if we're hungry its because we're all hungry, if we're full its because we're all full, if we succeed its be cause we all succeed, if we fail its because we all failed. Because of this we dont have higher or lower classes."
The following day we were able to see the results of this whole ordeal. The wife decided to stay with her husband and the young man is no where to be found. It seems he chose exile as to cause the least amount of damage to the people and their values. At this point there was nothing left for me to do but to pay my respects and say my fair wells. I felt empty because my role was just to observe rather than interact. Perhaps now I'm ready to interact...
In closing it seems I wasn't sent here to fix anything bur rather I'm here to learn something. I feel that there is no one right way to handle things. That laws and wall only impede the flow of life while rarely ever preventing bad things from happening. While an understanding of consequence ALLOWS good things to happen. In other words only when you create a container(be it a wall or a law) for chaos, will it be filled by chaos. If you don't create a container for chaos all your left with is harmony.

With the Force as my guide I know understand "There is no chaos, there is harmony".
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