Gray's (random) Storybook

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Gray's (random) Storybook was created by
Will be posting random stories on here every now and then.

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In the Streets of Nar Shaddaa
(Warnings: Graphic, Death, in the mind of a Sith Acolyte)
(short story)

A chilly evening in Nar Shaddaa, a Sith Acolyte crosses the streets on his way back after a long mission assigned by his Master.
The Acolyte gently pulls his dark hood up so that he is able to see Nar Shaddaa whole. There were different creatures, ranging from Twi'leks, humans, Mon Calamari and even abandoned droids.
As the Acolyte turns around a corner he notices a human boy, or to be more clear, a dirty human boy sitting around the corner. The Acolyte stops and stares at the boy, his skin sickly white, his body skinny, and no more taller than the Acolyte.

The Acolyte feels the force around the boy being... cold. There is no anger, no happiness, no hate, only... Suffering that has turned into emptiness. He has nothing.
No one. No will, no passion.
He is gone. Gone into his own little world, as he sits in the corner.

The Acolyte starts to feel a little bit of pity towards the boy. Then he thinks, "I could be his saviour." The saviour that will bring this boy towards the Force again.
After all, aren't all beings surrounded by the Force?
Yes, he will be the one that will save someone.

The Acolyte grabs the hilt of his saber and turns it on, the electric sound of the laser indicating that it came to life buzzing loud enough. The boy doesn't make a move, despite the loud sound of the saber. His eyes are empty, staring into nothingness.

The Acolyte holds his saber with his other hand
and swings the saber almost precisely to the boy's neck.

His life ending immediately.

Finally, has the Sith Acolyte saved someone for once. He felt more powerful.

Little did he know that, he was once like the boy, in the streets of Nar Shaddaa..

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