The Lightsaber.

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13 Jun 2011 03:34 #39678 by Scuba
The Lightsaber. was created by Scuba
I've always wanted a real life lightsaber and me and a friend were discussing the possibility of a Lightsaber we came up with the thought that if an actual lightsaber were made, it'd be plasma looped in an elongated magnetic field. There wouldn't be much energy lost as it just traveled in the loop.

Do you think its possible?


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13 Jun 2011 05:08 #39682 by DaveServante
Replied by DaveServante on topic The Lightsaber.
Hey Scuba

This is an interesting topic which shows up from time to time. If you search the archives there's lots of stuff on 'real' lightsabres. The main problem is the power source. Your suggestion would require a huge amount of power. I'm talking nuclear reactor in the palm of your hand. This is the main problem. Another popular method for 'real' lightsabres involves the use of laser light. Like the lasers used in crystal cutting. Have you seen those crystals with the pinpoint patterns inside? That occurs when 2 or more lasers cross beams. On their own, they don't do much, but where they cross, they get hot enough to melt the crystal. As for as applying this to a lightsabre, the theory goes that you need a strong power source to emit light energy which is focused and coloured by a crystal. The problem here is again, the power source. The laser required for the relatively trivial effect of crystal cutting, is room sized, not pocket sized. Another problem is that it would only have a point, not a blade and would only burn at the focal point. In the mean time, many of the Jedi in the temple, myself included, train with a katana (samurai sword) instead.
Hope your quest for a real lightsabre proves fruitful, and if you succeed, put me down for one ;)
Dave :)

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22 Sep 2011 14:56 #42452 by Quinlan Vos
Replied by Quinlan Vos on topic The Lightsaber.
What about this thing?

It doesn't have a finite blade but do you realy need one? It's strong enough to harm an attacker and even set him on fire if you're not careful and it has great range beeing a laser and all. It's small, portable legal to own and use anywhere in the world and there are plenty of situations in which it could come in handy during evryday life. What do you guys think?

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22 Sep 2011 15:23 #42454 by Tay Koury
Replied by Tay Koury on topic The Lightsaber.
[quote= What do you guys think?[/quote]

I think I want one for star pointing and just because it looks super cool!:woohoo:
but i don't think you will find it very useful as a weapon, unless you plan on blinding people. lol
However it does look very sleek and Lightsaber'ish

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26 Sep 2011 05:54 #42545 by mannymex1375
Replied by mannymex1375 on topic The Lightsaber.
In all honesty when I trained in armed combat and applied combat for my Instruction Certification in fencing, they told us the lightsaber was a great concept and kind of a bad one. Many fencers and sword masters are used to the weight of most real weapons, that if they get a lightsaber the lack of counter weight would throw us all off. lol

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