light sabers and martale arts

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light sabers and martale arts 03 Mar 2011 19:51 #37013

  • spaceace
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in my room i have quite the lightsbaer collection as i use that term looseley for they are on toys and one prop replica. i also own one sword but i want to know if their is anyone in ontario canada u can tell me were their might be a kendo school. so that i can get more in touch with that part of my self. i will be buying my own kendo stick soon its just the armour is going take me some time to find. and as for the opened hand im loking at takeing kung fu as my opend hand martial arts.

Re:light sabers and martale arts 08 Mar 2011 06:46 #37107

Just for information ;)

In Kendo there are no sticks, if you take up the art you will be using Bamboo Shinai With a Tsuba or a Bokken you may also need a Keokogi and Hakama .

Also if you are going to be practicing Kendo why not look into a Japanese open handed Martial Art i.e. Tai Jutsu as you may find it will go hand in hand with your Kendo.

I wish you luck in your training and hope you find a Sensei that will guide you on your pathway.


Re:light sabers and martale arts 09 Mar 2011 07:59 #37137

  • Jestor
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As Keith (I was going to say Master Mewes as a sign if respect in Martial Arts, but as you are not yet a Master here st TOTJO, I did not want to confuse other members, but know I do have great respect.... ;)....) was suggesting, make sure you check all martial arts available to you in your area...

Some may fit better, than others... I would follow Keith's advice... I have limited knowledge in other styles... I am just a TKD practioner....

Investigate all you can before making a decision...

Good Luck ...
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Re:light sabers and martale arts 27 Mar 2011 01:17 #37628

  • Natalia
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Well spaceace, i dont know of any schools in ontario but i happen to live in alberta and have 11 years experiance in various hand weaopons such as swords but more in staffs. Perhaps in the summer i can visit or we can just set up webcam?

Re:light sabers and martale arts 27 Mar 2011 02:01 #37630

Greetings Each

Well Keith Renshi is my Master as such but not here..and I am confused..all the time lol.

Totally agree with Keith Renshi and Master Jester. All I would add is, Please try to find a club that has traditional ethics and etiquette.

Yours in the spirit of Budo

Yours in the Spirit of Budo


I am everything, nothing and all that is in between, I am, KI :)

Re:light sabers and martale arts 30 Mar 2011 04:18 #37719

Jestor wrote:
As Keith (I was going to say Master Mewes as a sign if respect in Martial Arts, but as you are not yet a Master here st TOTJO, I did not want to confuse other members, but know I do have great respect.... ;)....) was suggesting, make sure you check all martial arts available to you in your area...

Master Jester,

Thank you for your kind and respectful words.

You have my full respect as a Master and Martial Artist.

I look forward to talking with you again soon .

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