A Star Wars Jedi you relate too

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30 May 2019 15:39 - 30 May 2019 15:40 #339074 by Uzima Moto
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ren wrote:

Uzima Moto wrote: Jedi Master Arryn Kai, or Kreia.. her drive to look beyond limits and to understand wholly is a drive I feel leads to a life "awash with possibilities"..

I couldn't agree more. It's a shame so much of her character was cut from the game (rushed by lucasfilm), where she ends as as a force-hating bitter old sith. Her existentialism-heavy philosophy is why I ever bothered with jediism and identify with the shadow path.

I wasn't aware of how much her character influenced me growing up. Not until now as an 29 y/o.. Looking back though, I wish I had really understood the depth of it all then. Instead of just now really grasping it..

The idea to challenge ideas, codes, creeds, philosophies, etc. Not to be contrarian, but to sharpen my own mind. To improve what is useful and discard what is worthless. Even if that discarded piece is a deep rooted belief. Such as religious dogma or cultural stereotypes.. it would have given me stronger purpose and focus in my rebellious years. I rebelled for my own freedom, but didn't really know how to improve myself.. I had ideas, but I was never fully planted in them. So eventually I was easily lead back astray by my own guilt and the dogma of others.. My mind made me weak, where at one point it was my greatest strength..
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21 Jul 2019 15:06 #340549 by Tracey
Replied by Tracey on topic A Star Wars Jedi you relate too
Luke Skywalker,because my head is always in the clouds,I have always studied crystals and stones but I have a new one since March,Black Tektite-, supposed to be created from a Meteorite crash,but I noticed that I am more aware of everything now,it stays in my pocket everyday,I recommend you guys looking this stone up,Wonderful properties. May the Force be with Us All

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22 Jul 2019 05:26 #340561 by Deimos
I am ignorant in regards to Legends, something I'm just now getting into, but I would say probably Luke mostly because he doesn't 100% shut away his emotions, but rather he uses them to his advantage without letting them overtake him, something I personally aspire to accomplish myself.

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15 Apr 2020 15:44 #351153 by Jcteleschi
Obi Wan.
I don't know why,but all of my friends tell me that
And he's my favorite!


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16 Apr 2020 03:14 #351167 by Vampiric_Conure
I'm not as familiar with the SW franchise as many others are here, but I would say my two that I would most relate to would be Obi-wan and Luke Skywalker. One for their calm disposition and the other for their head-in-the-clouds approach to things yet remaining firmly on the ground.

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16 Apr 2020 16:30 #351178 by Kohadre
This seems like a rather dated thread to revive, however;

As far as the fiction is concerned, I would say Darth Vectivus. I know not a Jedi per-se, however he served as a contrast to run-of-the-mill Sith in that he did "no evil". His use of the dark side focused almost exclusively on business and economic development, therein building up his community and attached society.

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26 Aug 2020 01:51 #354137 by Verheilen
At this stage in my life, with my outlook on things, I think I most identify as a mix of Jolee Bindo and Revan. What some people might call a "Grey Jedi". I feel as though if Jedi are conduits of the "force", and the force flows through everything, then we as Jedi are conduits of both light and dark.

I share a bit of Jolee's orneriness, and I share Revan's view of using the light and the dark to further the greater good. But unlike Jolee, I don't believe that people should hide themselves away from reality and social responsibilities. Also, unlike Revan, I don't think that in pursuing the greater good the ends always justify the means.

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26 Aug 2020 02:58 #354140 by Eqin Ilis
Replied by Eqin Ilis on topic A Star Wars Jedi you relate too
I'd like to be like Qui-Gon someday. Goals, but not where I'm at right now.

Currently I identify a lot with Kanan Jarrus. I relate to:
  • Having to find his own meaning of knighthood and not knowing if it would really be enough for the Order
  • Being called to teach someone younger, having no formal group to back him up and feeling overwhelmed, but eventually finding a way
  • Wishing for the authority figures he grew up with and feeling disconnected
  • Being a bit dramatic in general
  • Getting short with others when his authority is called into question
  • Feeling responsible for the little group he calls family
  • Dealing with an inherited war

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26 Aug 2020 08:14 #354142 by Eqin Ilis
Replied by Eqin Ilis on topic A Star Wars Jedi you relate too
Trying to fall asleep I suddenly realized I code-switched in the middle of the post above. I am not military and never have been, War in this instance was metaphorical. I apologize if this caused any confusion.

Similarly with the thing about the Order having to do with knights of old and traditional teachings. I'm not trying to assume some rank here, in an actual Order I had no idea existed until recently.

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24 Oct 2020 10:35 #355580 by Kraz
Revan and Qui-Gon.

Revan for his flexibility and "yes, but..."-answers. He kinda sees things as a whole and often think outside of the box, including visionary perspectives.

Qui-Gon because of his relation with "The Living Force" and his followingly more dynamic and pragmatic relation to the doctrines. I think he presents what the Jedi Order was supposed to be... In which I personally believe would have lead to less fall to the Dark Side than the more static and inflexible Jedi Order in the prequels. Qui-Gon was kind of a reformer, like Martin Luther was to the Catholic Church, with his "get back to the basics"-mindset.

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There is no passion without peace to guide.
Knowledge blinds without the strength to act.
Power blinds without the serenity to see.
There is freedom in life.
There is purpose in death.
The Force is all things and I am the Force."

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