Buddha by Deepak Chopra , food for thoughts

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Part 1

This fictionalized novel tale the life of Siddartha , who became Buddha " the Enlighted one" from his conception to his becoming. This is not a total resume of the book itself but only few notes of few major points and ideas that have drawn my interest . To explain a little bit the story Siddartha is said to have been the only heir to the throne of his Father King Suddhodana, a fearless warrior himself, hungry for power. His wife died not so long after giving birth and being totally faithful to her he never remarried so he might have more children. Suddhodana was given mixed messages about the future of his son by the priest and by an old Hermit , one thing was true, Diddartha was to be of a great importance on the whole world but not the way Suddhodana wanted to believe , not as a king of armies , not as the ruler of the human world. Nether the less, not wanting to listen to the old Hermit he preferred hearing the advices of the priest and those were to keep Siddartha isolated from the pain of the world, to shelter his eyes from the truth of sickness and death of imperfection and evil. The priest expressed his fear that if he did see all those he would not follow his education and his dad s hopes to become his heir as a powerful feared king. Little they knew that Siddartha had a kin sense to see pain and have empathy , this started for the smallest creature of us all like the insects, the worm etc it is actually what I believe , to teach love and empathy with our young one should start by loving the small and defenseless before learning to love our own kind! Learning that difference or appearance is not to be feared even if we suffer from a little repulsion by one of those mostly harmless beings, it doesn’t mean that we should hate them and maybe kill them with disregard. So Siddartha grew to become a good looking healthy young man who was kind and had a pronounced distaste for violence even if he had to follow a rigorous battle training and education . We find as well a very good lesson for us parents about Suddhodana , parents cannot decide for our children's future , we cannot control their mind , their feelings and we cannot protect them from the reality of the world , we can only direct them to help them become them self not what we d like them to be. The story talk a lot about the conflict with our ego but the thing that strike me the most for it s true happen during a confrontation between another prince and a squire , they both were enraged with each other and Siddartha notice that through that anger they had stopped to be People.

This is something I will keep on meditating about and you might too
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Deepak Chopra's Ageless body ,Timeless mind is imo a must read book.
And Herman Hesse's Sidhartha is another excellent rendition of the story

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