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I was watching the movie Interstellar the other day, and something they talked about finally struck me. Matthew McConaughey's character described love as just a tool to support procreation. Anne Hathaway countered that we love people who have died. In her character's particular point of view, she loved someone she hadn't seen in 10 years.

So what is Love? I know, that's an impossible question, and I think anyone who thinks they know the answer may be fooling themselves. I, for example, have been in love with a woman I haven't seen in 8 years. I've even felt experiences of Love while meditating with what I can only describe as beings from other places.

I bring this up because I'm curious to know what your experiences with Love have been, not to define Love itself. So please, share :)

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Beyond this? ;)

Warning: Spoiler!

Love is what you make of it. It is a loyalty, an unconditional loyalty to someone. You can be driven up the wall by someone and still love them. You can love someone you never plan on having a kid with. You can love those that have passed, or even those that have yet to come (future children for example). Does not a dog love his family and bark with joy when he sees a member of his human pack come back from months away? They cannot reproduce with us, but they love us because we are loyal to each other.

So for me, love is loyalty.

As for my experiences with love... it can hurt. Not because you wont have kids, but because love, and the loyalty involved, can hurt you when you realise they aren't loyal in return. But it is that hurt that proves that you were loyal to them, even beyond the change of their loyalties.
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Love is what you feel just before I make a profit.

Look into my eyes, take my hand, and trust me :laugh:

Oh, alright, something sappy.

I'm not persuaded that either of the examples you gents have given are even close to "love"

And I'm sure as a sure thing that you can't love a dead person. You can have loved them, you can love the memory, but once whatever it is that a person is has returned to the whatever it is we are when we're not being people, it is well beyond where Love can go.
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I think to love is to accept and appreciate someone exactly as they are, while still wanting the best for them

(Which I believe can also be done for/with/to the dead)
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I don't think there is just one definition for love since there are so many ways to love someone. You can love someone platonically, romantically, the way you'd love a mother/father/sibling/family member, and amicably. I also believe that it is completely possible to love someone but NOT be in love with them. A lot of people tend to confuse the too and make mistakes that end up hurting someone.

I see love as a mixture of things. I agree with Ari when he says loyalty, along with that, I would add Honesty, integrity, compassion, patience.....and many more. I read somewhere a long time ago that being in love was technically a mental disorder or something of the sort, and I can agree. When we are in love with someone, we sometimes make wrong decisions because we don't think clearly. We become so obsessed with a person that you put aside your friends, family, and even personal matters just to please the other person. It's clouds your visions and it makes it all about them. I've been there before and now that it's gone, boy do I look back and think "damn, what the hell was I thinking?????"

it's a good discussion, I love seeing everyone's opinion on it ^^

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As, interesting, vladucard. The virtues you've listed as being a part of love I would consider a way to behave once you have love. An interesting topic, indeed!

I think for me the different types of love, like romantic, platonic, parental, self, whatever... they share the same Acceptance/ wanting the best that I described in my last post, but with an added bit. "I want the best for you and accept you exactly as you are, and also you are hawt" or "...and also, I will teach you things as a way to help you toward better things" or whatever.

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